Life is as u see it !!

7:16:00 AM

(25th October Dad's birthday celebration at Arizona Grill and Walls spin bar): We Had it all !! Lights , good music, family all together, good food and the jokes ;) ... u don`t wanna knw what they were :p ... Its was my Dad's birthday ... so we went to Arizona grill (must go place) ... it had been a long time since my mood had been good ;) ... so mom told lets go out here ... and specially told me UBAID YOU MUST BEHAVE THIS TIME ... NO AGUMENTS ... AND DON`t GIVE US ANY SAD OR DEPRESSING STUPID LOOK OF YOURS :p ... hehehe ... so i said II SIR !! ... and behaved there ... and i realised that it was fun out there ... took alot of photographs too ... ate till out tummy started to ache :p ... and when it started to ache we ate more muhahahah !!! Some memorable moments i have placed down here ... Oh i forgot to introduce people ... in the pics ... there is my MOM , my dad , the boy in white shirt is my bro Kashif, and the one in PINK SHIRT (lol :p ) is my cool and young mamoo ;) ... and ofcourse am there too :p ....

So just wanna say that MASHALLAH we all were happy ... and at the end i would love to put a quote here ....

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections".

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