World Full Of Fakes

9:11:00 AM

There can always be two meaning of a word. And there are always two sides of a coin... like this there are two sides of a world. One is fake and second is Real. I belive that the world is full of fakes... and by saying this i mean that people just can`t be honest with you... it's not that i got betrayed or something thats why am saying this but the fact is this is the truth... people come upto you and say alot of things which feel like they are saying it from heart and really mean it... but yet the truth is far behind or totally opposite... Actually the fact is that nobody knows whats the truth these days ... may be people saying some facts would be right but how would u know we don`t do TELEPATHY that we`ll know whats the truth !!

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  1. Agreed with ya. Friggin bitches eh? Oh well the worold treats it self by treating ya. And as a part of it. we have to be strong. =]

  2. YEah that part am learning ... it was hard in the start but now am realising that life doen`t end with or without a person in your life ... nor does it end when people betray you or stuff !! LIFE's too LONG to END it LIKE this !!

    And by the way i don`t like your type of strong either !! ....

  3. Lol, I am way to rigid in these matters. hence am always with an eeee smile. xD
    And I am happy with that! =D

  4. hey Obed how are u ?? by the way thanks alot :) .... i didn`t expect that i would get any comments !!


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