Eid Mubarik

10:17:00 AM

Enjoy eid

Pray for all who can not enjoy
Lend a hand who can not enjoy
Think for all who can not enjoy
GO to just one who can not enjoy

He will pray for you
He will think for you
He will certainly enjoy
You will indeed enjoy

Think over it, U will enjoy
Believe it, U will enjoy
Just do it today and ahead
I swear to GOD, U will enjoy

EId mubarik to all from my side ....

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  1. Awwwwww
    Well we agree on that atleast XD
    But its ur Eid man so get of ur butt and go kick ass.
    TAke me for example.... I went to the theater, fought with my bros, danced on the roof. YAaa it wasn't too much cuz Bakrah butchering and meat distribution was time consuming.
    Gotta run. HAve fun (now thats rhyme X))


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