Emotions make you weak

9:05:00 AM

8th DECEMBER 2008
A day which i can never pretermit in my life

Yea, you can turn around,

Away from my sight,
Away from my reach.

We both know we'll survive without each other,
We both know nothing'll change even without each other.

Just like now,
I'm not by your side.
Nor you too,
Aren't by my side.

We're both still breathing, aren't we?

We're not suffocating!

I'm fine,
There's nothing but emptiness in my eyes.
Nothing bad you'd see,
Nothing good that you'd see.

I'm just balanced.

Isn't that good enough for you?

So you can turn away now,
Walk away from me,
Your back facing me.
I'll turn my back once you do that too,
So we'll be both fine,
Acting like strangers just like now.

(this is just for you ... wish could say the exacts word to you at night but couldn`t but remember that my love would always be there for you ... even after being a stranger to you)

What the hell is with these ******* emotions .... no matter how much you try ... no matter how much you make you self strong ... it still ***** u up ... Aj eid hai ... people must be enjoying while am sitting here as a genuine looser and crying out my words ... which are just burning up my heart nothing else ... log eid per achay achay gifts daytein hain ... mainey logoun ko azadi di tofay main :) .... where ever she lives may she lives happily ... any way ... i was talking about emotions ... why do they hurt you ... hurt you in many ways ... sometimes they give u such a beautiful pain ... for which u r willing to be emotional forever ... but sometimes they just thrush u ... and give u such immense pain that u feel like going away from this world and become a immortal ... aur khas tor per yeh khushi key moments jitna aap ko dard daytain hain aur kuch nahi dayta ... coz it hurts not to share your happiness with the person you love and cherish the most ... but i know most people think that there is much more to a life then a love of a person ... may be there is ... but thats thier own perspective ...


and EID MUBARIK TO ALL ... have a splendid time ...

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