I miss you O my love

11:31:00 AM

Hey angel ... i really do miss you ... even though i know i can`t be there with you ... even though i know that you don`t want me with you ... i even know that you have started hating me .... our relationship did go messy ... and no doubt its my mistake ... i should have left when the time was right .... i should have left when i made it so beautiful for you that you would have regreted loosing me and should have given u an eternal memory to care and live for but i made it all messed up ... i made it complicated .... so complicated that its even hard for you to breath around me ... even though it is so complicated ... my feelings doesn`t change for you ... my love never weakens for you ... i love you and will always love you .... yet i stand here with a regret in my heart .... i am balanced ... it does hurt but not as much it hurt you !! would love to say some words ....

I miss you
It's all I have to say
You're missing
I thought it better that way
But it kills me
And I can't fight this reliance
I'm drowning here
Amid this sick, strange silence
I need you
To tell you what I feel
To hear you
And remember what is real
When we said nothing
But it said so much
When we ran away
To get in touch
I feel you here
So lost inside me
I need you now
Or I'll fall apart completely
I miss myself
That piece you still hold
This space is hollow
Leaves me so cold
I can't forget you
I never will
The way you changed me
Because I miss you still...

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  1. HAI lovely songgg- a way back into love.
    Nice post.

  2. @mera naam chun chun

    yeah i just love that song ... it has a great feel in it !! it gives u just ufff feelings ... not every song has that capacity !!

    and thanks :) !!


    Thanks alot ... its not about photoshoppings its about a feel ... and this one had it :) ...

    Yeah i have heard of it, infact i love that song ... i can`t remember the whole song but it was something like this ...

    Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi
    Aaj Rusva Teri Galiyon Mein Mohabbat Hogi
    Meri Nazrein To Gila Karti Hain
    Tere Dil Ko Bhi Sanam Tujhse Shikayat Hogi
    i think ...

    and yeah i just realised thoda bohat toh woh feel day hi raha hai !!


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