I Wish I Was An Angel

7:54:00 AM

I am what no one sees,
I wonder what more I can give.
I hear no more of their thoughts,
I see that which was never conceived.
I want to be what isn't logic,
I am what no one sees,

I wish i was an angel ....

I really do wish this ... coz atleast angels don't get hurt ... and am really tired of getting hurt now .... May be am finally afraid of the world that i just wanna become an angel and run away from everything there is !! I don't know anything i just wish I WAS AN ANGEL !!

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  1. we all get brusies.
    they are meant to make their place in us. but then hurt is what keeps us going forth. the repair work is what helps us evolve into a more better us!

  2. @chun chun x1

    naah i don't like the song much but i love its lyrics ...

    but if u wanna hear a song then hear the song Carnival of rust by the POETS OF THE FALL

    @chun chun x2
    Ok first of all a really really really beautiful scene ....

    first tell me that whatz the name of the film ... and why did the police guy shot the other guy ??

    and yeah it was damn brilliant ... there expressions there way of describing the feeling was so pure and even there tears it really felt that they could feel the pain !!

    DAMN BRILLIANT ... thanks for showing it to me ... and yeah it was depressing !!

    no doubt about it ... but sometimes you get so much hurt that u can never step back on your feet again !! coz sometimes it hurts so much that it takes away your life with it !!

    yeah it makes us better but thats a positive thinking .... if u think it in the other direction it makes it all wrong !! :p .... anyways nice thought !!

  3. yeah =)no problem.
    The other guy in the suit is the Mayor. He kills his brother( the one is jeans) cause someone tries to kill him too, and he think it's his brother. Too much drama in that soap opera but i love it.

    I've heard that song. It's old now. Tomorrow Day after sat and sunday CHUTIII :D

  4. @siras
    yeah letz hope it helps ... as far as it concerns me ... i just wanna go into a large crowd and get lost in it ;) ... i have heard that doing that is fun !!


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