Makes u wanna live

8:46:00 AM

Some moments in life ... some things in life define you what is beauty ... and such moments really make u wanna live ... and one of the things which inspires me is rain .... it is so beautiful ... and especially ... when u are going on a road its a little chilly... and its raining ufff hota hai yaar ... and even though somebody isn't there to wrap you in their arms to make u feel comfy... this environment this feel is still so beautiful ... and makes u wanna live again ... live so we could see such moments again .... live for a new begining ... live for everything there is to life rather then just love .....

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  1. @abbas
    oh man that sucks ....

    by the way tumhara naam kya yahan likha hua hai ?? is it the way u spell weird or something ?? ;) ...

    @chun chun
    yeah AM LOVING IT :p

  2. Rain, there's nothing as beautiful as rain, especially winter rains! Really does make you feel like living life! :)

    Love the pic, beautiful! :D


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