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Ok as my list was long ... it was being hard for me to which movie to watch first .... but then i was in a really chill mood ... so i thought would watch an action movie .... so started with bangkok dangerous .... then eagle eye ... and some more movies ...s o thought would give my recommendations and reviews about them ... (am so crazy its 6 am in the morning and am writing movie reviews lolz)


Ok so nicholas cage ... i like this guys acting alot ... in recent days he has started to become one of my favourite actors .... as one of my favourite films CITY OF ANGELS has nicholas in it ... chalo enough of me ... and about the movie ... when the movie first started, i thought it would be just like an ordinarry action movie ... about a contract killer or u may call a hitler ... but i was amazed wih it ... as the movie was unique ... it had some nice action scenes in it ... nicholas as usual love the way he talks ... started the movie with some cool action then he went to bangkok ... the movie became a little slow there ... but then they added a chineese guy who he made assistant ... that guy was funny lolz ... but he did a nice job too .... then the part i love the most in the film ... the medical shop one ... there they introduced a girl who was i guess chineese or somthing ... she was damn cute ... but she was deaf and dumb .... but i lover her acting ... nicholas cage fell in love with that girl ... and the movie continued ... as like i expected a time came when the girl found out that he was an assasin so she left him ... but anyhow love the nice clean romance they had in the movie ... along with it as it was an action movie ... the president killing scene came up ... but nicholas didn`t kill him coz of the girl he loved and his assistand they made him good .... anyhow the villains captured his assistant so he tried saving them .... and then comes the end ... i won`t tell u about it ... as it was a nice ending ...

My RATING: 7/10
Opinion: Try watching it ... if u like action with a touch of love in it ... you`ll love the movie


Ok this movie is definitly worth watching ... and its a movie which won`t make u move from your seats .... its a really fast movie and has alot of action in it ... infact its a little emotional ... but has alot of action in it ....

What if you were accused of being a terrorist and suddenly had your every move tracked and manipulated by a mysterious force? That's the premise behind the new film Eagle Eye
.... and its a little creepy concept .... Eagle Eye is a fun, high-octane thriller... just don't think too much as you watch it lolz ....

Shia LeBeouf plays Jerry Shaw... in the start his twin brother dies.... After his twin brother Ethan (also played by LeBeouf in an uncredited role lolz ) suddenly dies, weird things start happening to him (lolz those were definitly weird and does creep u out) ..... When he goes to the ATM, more than $700,000 appears in his account.... (this was pretty cool though) .... Suspicious packages arrive at his apartment including weapons, military plans, and explosives. He gets a phone call from an unknown woman telling him that the FBI is about to arrive. After he's arrested, the same mysterious voice tells him to duck a seemingly freak crane accident... one that allows him to escape.... oh man i just loved the way they made him escape ;) !!

From here, things get crazy as Jerry is guided by this voice which has the ability to use any and all forms of communication to contact and track him *creepy*... However, Jerry's not the only one that this voice is instructing. Michelle Monaghan plays Rachel, a single mother who is also thrust into this situation after the voice calls her and threatens to kill her son. Jerry and Rachel meet when Rachel is unknowingly sent to pick Jerry up in a tense (and somewhat funny) scene. From there on, the two of them are at the mercy of the voice as they trek cross-country and try to avoid the FBI and other law enforcement agencies after them....

A lot of movies claim to have "nonstop action" but Eagle Eye can confidently make that claim. Once the action gets going, there is little room to breathe. Most of the action is pretty good such as a chase scene in the cargo handling area of an airport and a great (if not ridiculous) sequence involving cranes at a junkyard. There are times when the action is a bit exhausting and hard to follow but the pacing is pretty good.... :-D

Eagle Eye is a fun action flick, pure and simple. Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan have good chemistry and anchor the movie quite well. The performances from the supporting cast are solid across the board and the action and effects are very good. The plot may be a bit thin, but everything else makes up for it.....

My Rating: 8/10
Opinion: I think its a must see .... and its the film which totaly doesn`t make u bore ...


As you may have heard by now, the acclaimed thriller 'Memento' is the story of a man with no short-term memory, told entirely backward.The man, Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), wants to find out who raped and murdered his wife (a genuine moto :p )... the same incident that made him a widower (nice word lolz) also gave him head trauma that left him unable to form new memories -- he can remember everything up to the event, but everything after that eludes his grasp, to the point where he has turned his whole body into a tattooed Post-It note of reminders ("John G. raped and murdered my wife," reads one message written on his chest -- backwards, so that he can read it in the mirror every time he shaves, which he also has to remind himself to do).

anyways ... its a nice movie ... a little freeky ... and has alot of twist and turns in it ... its too scrambbled ... but nice movie ... especially the end ... coz definitly when the end comes u`ll say what the F*** .... lolz i can bet on this ... khair ... indians are also making a copy of this film called GAJINI ... it has AMIR KHAN in it ... it would be worth watching but as i saw memento so my expectations are definitly high ..... lets see that can the GR8 AMIR KHAN pulls it off or not ... coz Leonard did a pretty good job ... his expressions his movements i mean he was just damn perfect ... not even a single mistake in his acting ... but most people won`t like the movie coz of its distubing nature ;d

My Rating: 7/10
Opinion: If u have nothing to do and want your mind to get twisted and think then definitly watch this movie

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  1. You know Shia-he used to star in a child's programme called Even Stevens and I always remember him to be that little crazy kid from that tv show.When I watched him in Constantine it felt like it was so out of context having him in that role.
    I guess I have this tendency of remembering actors in the very first film I ever watch them in.

    These films all sound so interesting, I'm not too keen on Cage, his voice actually annoys me loads!

    Eagle Eye sounds interesting though.Might check that out, d'you watch them online?Or rent out the DVDs? Think I'll just look online for these films and take advantage of those sites!


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