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8:38:00 AM

Ok so finnally my papers are over ... actually it has been like 3 days since that ... so now am just free ... nothing to do what so ever ... so i was making a movie list for the past like 2 months ... which i had to watch ... some of them i have watched but wanna watch them again ... so its a pretty long list ... has old and new movies too ... don`t knw anything better to do ...

so rearranged my room ... got a long extension wire ... to connect with my head phones ... (i prefer watching it with my head phones on ... can't be bothered by the world ... lolz ...) a bottle of coffee ... some hot chochlate ... a pack of chochlates mix :p ...... i just love chochlates ... and trained my maid how to make tea too ... so i can get its dose after every little while hehe ... and now its just gonna be me ... my pc ... my 23 inches monitor (i wish i had a projector darn it ... gota get one of those) ... and the best part ... my mobile would be off ... coz currently am out of people who talk with me lolz .... haan agar koi company day dayta mujhey toh i would have really loved that .... :) ... but chalo ... me , my self and i .... its still too good to be true ;) ....

So the movie list is below ... i'll keep on adding movies to it ... and may be do some review out of it :p ....

01~Confessions of a dangerous mind
02~Ripley's game
03~the libertine
04~Burn After reading
05~Body of lies
06~Eagle Eye
08~Pride and glory
10~The Strangers
11~The Pianist
12~The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
13~A Wednesday
14~No country for old men
16~The prestige
17~The notebook
19~Righteous Kill
20~The Midnight Meat Train
22~Bangkok Dangerous
24~The Lazarus Project
25~Journey to the center of the earth
26~A Walk to remember
27~Lord of War
28~The English Patient
31~Rab banaye jodi
32~Vantage Point
32~The Day the Earth Stood Still
33~Slum dog millionare

34~Requiem for a Dream
35~A Home at the End of the World
36~In the bed room
37~High Art
38~In the city of God
39~The Sweet Hereafter
40~Vannila sky
41~an inconvenient truth
42~Dancer in the Dark
43~Mystic River

PEOPLE KEEP SUGGESTING ME SOME GOOD MOVIES .... as i have really really long holidays ... so suggest some thing good to do ... and if u have any suggestions how to earn i wouldn`t even mind that ;) !!!

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