Xmas Day is Dada day for me

5:36:00 AM

Today,when people around me would be all Happy,Merry and celebrating..I would be reminiscing and mourning the loss of that kindred soul gone back to reunite with his Creator..May his soul rest in peace..ameen!
This is the third Christmas,after my grand father passed away on day like this,yet i still have all those memories so fresh ,so bright in my mind..his voice still echoing in my ears,his face so kind, so holy..My Grand Father..Dada Abu as i used to call him..The first man in my life who treated me as a Grown up..to be the eldest in family... tought me how to behave, speak and even ammended my gestures... My teacher,my Guardian Angel,my best friend,who understood me without uttering a word..and without asking for any submissions back!!

Ina Lilah-e-Ina Ilah-e-Rajhoun..to HIM we all have to return!!

May Allah Almighty has HIS choicest merices upon his soul..ameen..and Grant him the highest place in Jannah..sum ameen!

i still remain My Dada's bohndu raam :p ,so lost without him!

Kindly say a little prayer for him..Thank you worthy friends.


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  1. It's been 6 years since my grandfather passed away, but his spirit is still alive through the things he taught us and days like this he's very much remembered and a part of our celebrations.

    We're blessed to have known and been able to learn from him and that's something we'll never forget.

  2. ohhh am sorry .... Yeah thats true ... we definitly are blessed to have known and been able to learn from him and yeah we'll definitly not forget that !!

  3. @smiley

    hey don't be sorry sweety ... its ok !!

    death is certain ... (yeah do miss him alot but still facts are facts we all have to die one day ...)

    and by the way thanks for the dua .... may his soul rest in peace :) !!

  4. Ameen, suma ameen.
    Very sweet post. He must have been a very special grandfather. God bless. =)

  5. It's sweet that you had these moments which you have to cherish.
    Ameen to your duaas.
    I hope he has the best place in Jannah.
    May Allah give you and your family patience.


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