You Ripped My Wings

4:18:00 PM

You ripped my wings away from me,
As I was flying up so very high.
Stabbed me with a broken blade,
After I fell from the darkening sky.

Yet now you say you still love me,
But there is no way I can believe you.
What was once a perfect dream,
Came a nightmare that has become true.

All of my fondest memories of you,
Found at the bottom of my heart buried in dust.
With all of those smiles and laughter,
Fell too my undying trust.

You were once an angel to me,
But now you're someone I no longer knew.
You once told me you'd always love me,
But hell I guess thats in the dust too.

Nobody offers to hold me in the night,
When it was you that made me cry.
Now it hurts to put things behind,
And to tell you my final goodbye.

I'll lock the door to my heart,
hide the key under the tears I cried.
I'm blind and alone in this world now,
Now that I've emotionally died.

I think my words say it all ... no need to define or explain the concept of this manipulation.....

and by the way pls donot copy the picture .... i made it my self and i wouldn't like people to copy it !!

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  1. This is so profound.
    I love it.The emotion is raw, the words are cutting through the facade of strength we all try to uphold when we're hurt.

    I love your picture, I checked out your deviantart and you're an amazing photographer!

  2. i love your poems, theyre so original. =) im glad i found this blog.

  3. Beautiful yet cruel writing. And the picture is just TOO.DAMN.AWESOME. Great work =]

  4. Painful AND beautiful! :)

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