11/01/09 *Updates*

8:40:00 AM

So yesterday was a preety fun day for me .... had gone to a Dera and after that went for some mobile shopping for baji .... and after that some gift shopping in liberty.... so yesterday finnally i didn't waste any time on the pc ... and was roaming around in the city like crazy !! And the best part of yesterday was I FINALLY SLEPT :D ... YEAHHHH !!!

Actually our plan was simple but SWEET :p .... My best friend and more like a brother to me Talisman picked me up ... we had to leave his friend to his DERA (you can call it a farm house) ..... and that was a little far from lahore .... but not that far only about 92 or make it a 100 km's far .... so we went and the trip was quite fun .... but near the dera a 7 km road comes ... oh boi oh boi ... that makes you puke :p .... it had so many patches on it ... and bumps that aap key injar pinjar hil jaatay hain :p ... lolz ... khair we readched there in like 2 hours 15 mins .... and i was pretty amazed ... i thought it would be a barren land .... with some charpai and animals like cows and goats and chikens and stuff ... but when i entered it was pretty cool ..... there was a nice building in the center of the dera a modern building with red brick on ... it was looking really nice and cool :D ! .... there was like gardens all around ... one was a long ground with grass on we could have easily played cricket there .... then one on teh right of the drive way had lots of vegetables on .... and right next to it was a closed garden closed with net sheets of metal there were guava plants (lots of them) .... and orange plants in it .... and along with that it had ducks, chickens , turkey (a big one that was scary though :p) and few small ones too .... so we ate guava's there .... and oh yeah the turkey and ducks and chicken fought for the guava ... that was interesting to watch .... then had a ufff nashta (though it was very heavy cause of all the desi ghee and butter :s eeehhhh i don't like that stuff ;d) ..... So after that we left from there .... and came back to my house ....

Ok now the second part .... after that we went to hafiz center in search of a phone for baji (talisman's sister) .... i just realised that all new mobile are fuggllyyyy ;p .... they should work on their designs .... nothing is good ... and boi oh boi all cells have got expensiv ;) .... lolz ... so finally we liked a phone Nokia 6500 slide ... although the phone is a little bling .... but still pretty nice phone ... so we finalised the phone but still have to get it ...

After that we went to liberty had to get something from there .... so we roamed around there and by that time we were like tired ... and dieing :p ..... but liberty was looking pretty cool ... as there was not much rush ... and a little piece and quiet so we enjoyed there ... and head back home !!

So all is well which ends well ... after that when i got back home ... was tired ... but still coudn't sleep coz of the INSOMNIA thingy ... was awake like for more then 89 hours .... YUP i know its long ... so ate medics at night ... LOTS OF THEM ... and laid down ... but when i was feeling sleepy .... all of a sudden the door knocked ... and my mamoo with his friends came :p .... So we had fun there watched film ... had a debate on politics, movies ... and many other things ... was fun ... they went back at like 3 8s ..... so after that i was really high coz of the coffee they brought from ctc .... so made some things .... for my self ... and read my book ... and finally laid down ...


but woke up again at 6 am :D ... usual thing .... but now am relived .... i finally slept and now am high ... feel like going to the mountains or something :p

Other updates include ...

I still have no idea ... how to do my IELTS :( ... ANYBODYYY PLSSS HELP :p .... tell me how to prepare it by my self :s .....

Oh yeah i have almost read 3/4 of the book ANGELS AND DEMONS .... its really cool ... am loving it *do the eye dance :p* .....

YOU LOVE THIS ONE .... I have finally updated my MUSIC PLAY LIST :P .... ok now i have like really really ufff songs in the collection ... i have closed my media player and listening all of the songs here .... and LUUUUVVVVINNNG ITTTTT :P

DARN.... i sound positive and happy today !!

Ok back to drawing getting depressed board ;) ... i need some inspiration for work ... so depress things are easy to portray :p ... I am nutzz :D !! KILL ME OH LORD FOR BEING HIGH RIGHT NOW !!!


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  1. I LOVE ANATHEMA .... but only their soft songs !!

    and keep on listening .... you'll love many others ....

    there is one more song of Snow petrol its called SET THE FIRE TO THE THIRD .... listen that one ... its really good !!

  2. Nice to c u soo happy!!

    Oh and i see u got my idae to welcome all ur new readers!! I don't mind, i'm not like that, LOL!!

    Stay happy, like u r today!!

    Im not really a big music fan so i won't comment on the music updates.

  3. Like, IOM I'm not really into music, but its good to see you're so hyped.


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