16/01/09 *Updates*

9:18:00 AM

Ok first of all its raining out here .... and mausam UFFF hai ;) .... am LOVING IT !!! SO the updates

:bulletblue: Finally finished reading ANGELS AND DEMONS ... It was pretty good ... had idea about an ending but when i read it complete it was totally different love the way Dan Brown has placed twists in it ... By the way now i can call my self smart ;) ... I HAVE FINALLY READ A BOOK !!

:bulletblue: Started reading another one, its by NADIA WEAHTER .... the name of the book is VIGIL ... and its a different sort of book ... i just realised am a fast reader i started it today and read a quarter of it :D .... i thought it would be boring and stupid and would stop me from reading any more ... but this didn't happen :p ... lolz .. even though the author is taking about past and present at the same time and it gets u jungled up ... but still its not that bad !! Its about a guy who has lost his two best friends ... now he is wandering in his old town as a ghost all along and remembering the past !!

:bulletblue: Still don't know what am gonna do about my IELTS :( ... coz haven't started it as yet and have to give its paper in a week or so .... so the other things get processed :-/ ....

:bulletblue: OH yeah i remembered i got my passport ... FINALLY ... i was suppose to get it on the 5th but then gave me on 15th ... still not bad ... but so STUPID of me that i forgot to get it signed on the next counter :s ... and just came back home with the passport :p ... now i have to go back their and get it stamped and signed :S .....

:bulletblue: I was invited to a birthday party of a friend on saturday ... don't feel like going per woh bohat mintarlay ker raha hai toh i think i'll just go ... BUT AM NOT GONNA TAKE ANYTHING FOR HIM :p buhahaha !!

:bulletblue: Yesterday night went through alot of emotional stuff and faced the agony and went through all over it again ... but came up with a piece of poetry which am lovingggg !! (going to post it next) ....

:bulletblue: Still not seeing enough movies to please my self !! .... I was suppose to watch a movie daily ... but this blogging stuff is taking alot of time that i ain't getting enough time to watch it !! AND MAY GOD BLESS WAPDA for their load shedding !!

:bulletblue: Am getting pretty boring these days :p ... need to get my self INVOLVED ;) ...

:bulletblue: Still waiting for YOU people to do the challenge ... come on people use your brains I KNOW U HAVE ONE OF THOSE IN YOUR HEAD :d ....

:bulletblue: I remembered one thing I FINALLY GOT SOME WORK ... i got a website project YEAHHH .. i guess now i'll have enough to waste on one thing or another :p ....

:bulletblue: Getting annoyed by the people who are coming to see the house to buy it .... you can't imagine kitnay paindoo log hotay hain !! We have a small masjid in our house a room filled with all islamic book shaped in the form of masjid ... and guess what a lady asked "IS MASJID DEY MOLVIE NU TUSI KINAAY PAISAY DAINDAAY HO ??" i was like HUH ?? first of all PUNJABI ... and then such a stupid question ... and i just ignored the lady and i knew it these are not the kind who would buy this house :p ...


:bulletblue: Oh my subscription on deviantart ended ... so am currently sad about it :( ... i was pretty much enjoying that but now its gone :-/ ....

I guess thats all :D .... hmmm i think so !! wtf ... if not then who cares ... am just talking to my self i guess !! ;)

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    LOL! I laughed so hard at that! :p People can be so stupid sometimes. :p

  2. I think you're dong just fine!
    Being too self-involved can be hazardous to your social stature!

    I didn't know deviantart had a subscription end, isn't it free?Weird, use flickr for your pictures, I'm sure that's free and easy to access.I think the community's a bit dry there but you'll be okay.

  3. I love your update posts lol.
    Angels and Demons is my favorite work of Dan Brown's.
    'Tusi iss blog ki likhai vich kinnay paisay lainday ho?!'


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