A Story Of Gaza ....

8:26:00 AM

Come little girl;
See that black spot right there?
Right next to the broken chair
It is your mother.
It is your father.
It is everything that used to matter in the world.

Don't cry my little dear;
Do you see that pile of rubble?
Right next to the blood bubble
It is your home.
It is your shelter.
It is the life you used to lead.

Don't worry your little heart
There is hope in that falling star
Look! it's getting closer, though still so far.
It is your present.
It is your future.
It is your death.


Read this on deviant art so thought would share it ... it made me feel really sad and made me think that nothing has happed to us ... we are living we are eating we are with our families ... but we behave like we have lost the best out of us ... i don't know about we but am talking about my self ... our pain our anguish our suffering is nothing as compare to what the people are having there ... this act of inhumanity is pathetic ... really pathetic ... and more then this is pathetic that we can't even do anything about it ... except pray .. we are sitting at our comfy homes with heaters on ... and just watching ... watching the cruel act of insane bastards .... am also doing the same ... sitting in my room just blabbering out .... but i pray i really pray may GOD help them ... or may he do a miracle and make all the muslim countries stand for Gaza ... and really help those people ....

i really wish and pray this !!

its sad but true .... humanity has died .... all we can do is pray ....

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  1. This is so sad, honestly, whenever I see the imagery and scenes from Palestine,it's as though these people are pleading to be helped.
    I hope things improve and Allah shows them ease soon.

  2. InshaAllah soon! Allah will help them, He will take them into His protection!

  3. All we can doo is pray, it's really upsetting! God help them all!


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