Ba Ba Backkkkk ;) !!!

7:42:00 PM

HAYLOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz me back ;) .... lolz .... YEAH YEAH I KNOW ... i haven't been gone much ... actually i couldn't have be gone for much long waisey i was expecting a week more but call me a drama queen or king :p it's freaking hard to stay away from my love (pc i mean lolz) ... and YES i know some people are angry with me and most of u got upset .... but hm.... PEOPLE I NEEDED THIS BREAK !!! actually this break was really effective for me ... will give you the updates soon ;) ... AND LEMME TELL YOU ME FEELING GREATTTTT but HONESTLY MISSED YOU ALLLLLLLL !!!aNd HeY SAWJ do take a break but don't go for long ;) .... we'll miss you ... lolz even your islami thingies :D !! so i saw there are alot of replies on the posts ... i know if i reply them u people would not be reading it though(hey PEOPLE i reply everytime so be kind and read what i say to u all lolz)... ehm so thought to reply u all over here :D ....

ok... so will start by who commented first (oh man like who cares :p)

OpenID imtheonlyme said...

OH MY LORD! y r u giving up!


REPLY: hm... i guess am an idiot ;) ...
Blogger Bush. said...

Hope you find the strength.

REPLY: I knew you would say something like this :p ... lolz

Blogger [[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

:shock: :shock:

why u giving up for?
where u going?


REPLY: Hey it wasn't that shocking ;) ... actually rest of the part i don't have any answers too !!!

Blogger siras said...

Where are you goin?????????????????????????????????
and WHY????????/

REPLY: hm i guess i told you that !! in the other post .... and thanks for wishing me best of luck :) !!! SWEET OF YOU *hugz*

Blogger Marina said...

Keep writing.
Yep, that's an order.
Things will get better, yara. Have some faith, a little patience. =)

REPLY: OK ... this was agressive ... SINCE WHEN ISLOOO GIRLS STARTED TO SLAP PEOPLE ??? GEE GEE AAP KEY ORDER KA MAINEY PALANNN KIYA HAI .... and am back ;) ... eeehhhh Patience ? lo gee woh hota toh main aisey tayein tayein na ker raha hota ;d ....

Anonymous Bored said...

Dont give up!!!
winners never quit and quitters never win.
you are bringing shame upon the male species
just think about your izzat!

REPLY: Don't worry am not .... i was just being a little stupid ... but am not back ... but HONESTLY i really laughed my head off on your comment ;) ... IZZAt hehehe shame upon MALE SPECIES ?? hey we have hearts too ;) ... and its not written in our faith to be strong all the time :p ..... but mujhey izat ka khaya aa hi gaya tha end per ;) ...

OpenID outcastrebelchic said...

You are NOT NOT giving up.
Ya hear?
If i wasn't allowed then nor are you, but i will however grant you until sunday, monday latest.
Pwease dont go.

REPLY: YES AM NOT !! when u can't give up why should i ??? hehe ... yeah actually i followed your advice ... and back within the given time period !! awww so sweet of u *hugz* ... am not going !!

Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

oh com on, you cant just give up! You are going to let this damn life win?

REPLY: LIFE WIN hmmm .... the game has not yet started !!

Blogger uglyduckling91 said...

Don't go. I just came here. :(

REPLY: Yeah bro ... don't worry just back ... but get ready for dozens of posts .... i hope u keep on commenting ;) ....

Blogger Nikki. said...

I cant believe it u are doing this, and thats bad :@

REPLY: Easy their girl .... yeah what i did was bad ... but at the end i guess am feeling great so it wasn't that bad ... but am definitly sorry !! :( !!

Blogger hfm said...

I'm gonna say that do as you like since you have already.

Don't give up on humanity, there are good people out there.

REPLY: awww your comment was sweet *hugz tight one ;)* and yes i know there are very nice people around ... HUMANITY DOES EXIST ... thats why am back .... coz i belive in it !! and you know what i do listen to what people say .... Guess it keeps me going on !!

Ok am leaving for a party right now ... at CAFE MOGLATO (have to confirm the name :p its a new place but heard its really good... ;d) .... AND don't worry people i'll reply to all of the posts which you have posted .... I REALLY MEAN ALLLLLL OFFF THEMMMM :p ....

so just wait till i come back ;) .... lolz AM STARVING LETS HOPE THEY SERVE PROPER FOOD :p ....


nananananana am going to get some gooooooooddddd fooood (at least i hope so :s)

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  1. Oh, dude! Definitely a drama king! ;)
    And I'm SURE I commented on that post! Hmm, maybe I closed the tab before it went through, stupid and typical me. :)

    Glad you're back, bruv, keep writing!


  2. Hey

    I was expecting at least the weekend. Anywayz, glad u r back!!


  3. Thats the spirit!
    I wasn't actually expecting you to listen to my advice but i am glad that you did. =D

  4. falakk

    hehe yeah u did commented ... but i am talking about the reply ;) ....

    i love being called a DRAMA KING :p ... it feels gr8 ;) ... lolz

    Glad to be back as well :) !!! missed you all !!


    yeah i could have taken much long .... but i guess time doesn't matter ... i decided things what i want to ... so its done ;)

    glad to be back !! :) !!


    hehe ... i do listen to good advices :p ... lolz ...

    yeah i decided some things and came back .... do wait for the updates ... lots of things did happen ;) !!!


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