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26 L of the A = 26 letters of the alphabet
7 D of the W = 7 Days of the week
7 W of the W = 7 Wonders of the world
12 S of the Z = 12 signs of the zodiac
66 B of the B = 66 Books of the Bible
52 C in a P (WJs) = 52 Cards in a Pack (Without Jokers)
13 S in the USF = 13 Stripes in the United States Flag
18 H on a G C = 18 Holes on a Golf Course
39 B of the O T = 39 Books of the Old Testament
5 T on a F = 5 toes on a Foot
90 D in a R A = 90 Degrees in a Right Angle
3 B M (S H T R) = 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run)
32 is the T in D F at which W F = 32 is the Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes
15 P in a R T = 15 Players in a Rugby Team
3 W on a T = 3 Wheels on a Tricycle
100 C in a R = 100 Cents in a Rand
11 P in a F (S) T = 11 Players in a Football (Soccer) Team
12 M in a Y = 12 months in a year
13=UFS = 13 is Unlucky For Some
8 T on a O = 8 Tentacles on a Octopus
29 D in F in a L Y = 29 days in February in a leap year
27 B in the N T = 27 books in the new testament
365 D in a Y = 365 days in a year
13 L in a B D = 13 loaves in a bakers dozen
52 W in a Y = 52 weeks in a year
9 L of a C = 9 Lives of a cat
60 M in a H = 60 minutes in a hour
23 P of C in the H B = 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body
64 S on a C B = 64 Squares on a chess board
9 P in S A = 9 provinces in South Africa
6 B to an O in C = 6 Balls to an over in cricket
1000 Y in a M = 1000 years in a millenium
15 M on a D M C = 15 men on a dead mans chest

Ok so finally here are the answers and i guess you would like to know the results too ... only 3 people tried their heart out at this competition !!

so their answers have been published and their resutlts are:

:bulletpink:SIRAS: 13 correct answers so that makes you an INTELLIGENT person ;) lolz ... glad  to know that i read a blog of an intelligent person lolz ;P

:bulletpink:HFM: ding ding ding dinggggg WE HAVE A GENIOUS HERE ;) ... lolz ... HFM got 21 CORRECT ANSWERS .... wow !! i actually got only 20 right ... so you are smarter then me :p ....

:bulletpink:Seher: I guess i should call her a super genious or something ... man i was like what the hell how can a person be so smart (actually just felt like doing lotz of tareefain :p) .... anyways WE HAVE A WINNER HERE :D .... SEHER GOT 31 CORRECT ANSWERS man WOOWWWWW !!! 

i guess more of you could have got answers right but most of you didn't bother !! so here they are ... and oh yeah HFM was too hyper or yoy may call it anxious about the results lolz ;) ...

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  1. Gawsh!
    I marked 17 answers (correct and obvious :P)
    2 steps far becoming a genius… :(..:-/
    But still i am happy to call my self an intelligent peson (as it hard to digest for me :P)


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