Do i still exist ??

2:20:00 PM

Have I ever crossed your thought?
Speak to me, my dear.

Have you ever thought about me?
Speak to me, spill the truth.

Have you ever wish we could be together,
Have you ever wished to read my mind?

Have you ever thought about me,
Do you care if I bleed?

Have you ever lean on me,
Would you care to do so,
If I ask you to free your mind,
And let the worry free in the air,
With you in my arms?

Have you ever thought,
What's in your mind, Ubaid?

Have you ever thought,
Why did you say that you love me,
And why did I said that I love you?

Have you ever wished to know what's on my mind,
Does my mind confuses you,
As much as yours confuses me?

Have you ever wish to talk to me,
Just like I always wish to hear your voice,
And speak to me?

Have you ever wish to understand me,
Just like I wish to understand you, my dear?

Have you ever prayed that i still existed in your life,
Just like i pray my soul out to exist in yours ?

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  1. I hate that feeling of simply wondering whether you still matter to that person.It's like there's two parts of yourself, one part doesn't want to care,just wants to forget them and the other still yearns for them to contact you just so your existance in their life is acknowledged.

  2. I felt sad while reading this. So many uncertainties and questions left unanswered.

    Hope you get the answers to all your questions soon - whatever the outcome - at least you know which direction to move forward.


  3. hfm
    true .... but i belive their are three parts of ourself ... one part wants to forget everything and move on for a better future .... secound part wants to belive that what heart is saying is true that the person loves us the most ... and is bounded by obligations and problems but that person loves you the most and cares for you the most and that persons soul existence is based on your existence... and the third part ... hmmm thats the part whcih still yearns for them to contact us just so we could know that do we still exist in them or not .... do we mean anything to them or not !!

    I wish i really wish i could place my emotions on the paper i wish that my pen could really say what my heart wants to say ... i really wish that the ink which flowed from my pen could define it all in just one sentence but i guess there is no way of it ... nor a way to make my own words understand the complexity and the feeling what the heart has :) ...

    and yeah so many uncertainties ... so many unanswere questions ... and so many more rotating in my mind just waiting to ask waiting for a chance !! :)...

    Actually I know the answers ... thats the main problem the answers are too damn complex neither it allows you to move on nor make you stop and wait !! the word BUT can cause many complications i guess !!

    may be our love is more then they could even think of ... maybe their is a light in our heart which keeps on bringing us hope and making us go back ... or may be we have got used to all this pain ... MAY BE ... :) keep smiling pls .... atleast try to keep a facade ... coz these days its the only thing which lets us survive in this cruel world :) !!

  4. hmm i think its the hope that brings along a tinge of pain...
    i am happy ubee :) just that some times even the mask on your face deceives you....your poem brought those to light..though in a different perspective for me.

  5. aww that is very sweet and true, not i've ever thought about something like that. I don't sit around wondering if someones wondering about me.

    What the point!

  6. imtheonlyme
    heheh yeah like i have alot of time to think about such things ;) ...

    yeah and sometimes hope just doesn't die ... no matter what u try :( ...

    totally agree with you ... and yeah perspective can always be different

  7. I'm extremely paranoid, so its always on my mind...


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