Do You Know The Feeling ?

7:53:00 AM

Such a beautiful thing
Standing in the rain washing away my pain

It takes away my shame
And makes me think not of this life so staind
It makes me happy
Takes me away from this world so crappy
While I'm here you cant hurt me
Or throw it in my face
Or make me think I'm nothing but a disgrace
The drops of rain trickle down my body
While I kneel in the road, and no I'm not sobbing
It is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry
This day I will not wish I was to die
I turn up my eyes and look at the sky
And nothing sorrowful will fill my mind
It will make me think of her
And happy memories will go by in a blur

As it rained yesterday .... so thought would share this !! Missing you Lodzz yaar !!

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