"She's Happy"

6:14:00 PM

They look at the smiles and they say,
"she's happy"
no one bothers to see,
if the smile is real.
is it a fake?
no one cares.
no one looke at the eyes
to see if
the smile is real.
they hear the laughter,
see the grin,
but no one bothers
to look at the emptiness within.
she laughs,
and they laugh with her.
she cries,
and she cries alone.
no one seems to notice,
the darkness inside,
the hollow laughter,
the forced smiles,
the empty eyes,
devoid of emotion,
and they say,

"She's Happy."

i wish somebody could understand her ... i wish i could just take away her pain ... i wish infact i pray that her agony and pain finishes and God give her piece ... i guess praying and wishing is the only thing i can do :s !!!

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  1. i had been holding concept to work on it.....what you did on it is good......but you've could of done better.........

  2. I wish someone would did that for me.

  3. prayers are the strongest medium :)

  4. talisman
    thanks bhaiya ... actually i didn't do anything ... bas kuch aiween scribble ker dia ... still waiting to see u do something on this concept !!

    hehe for that u need to be depressed and hurt ;)

    chun chun
    yeah they are ... but ....

    yes they are ... but it still can't take away the pain !!

  5. And even though some are sad, they'd never really admit it, so i would say let them go.

  6. Sometimes all we can do is pretend to be happy, maybe she knows it's a facade but a necessary one.

  7. I think this is the best ability gifted by God to man kind..."to pretend"

    I wish people never guess what's happening inside(in some cases)
    I can understand her situation up to some extent chap i pray for her and you that every thing settle down soon in the best possible way and before one crack down while pretending.


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