I am addicted to it :-/

6:22:00 PM

You don't need to cry
For I am not bleeding.

You don't need to feel sorry
For I am not crying.

It's true that I'm not smiling
But I'm just sick of putting on
The fake facade
On my face.

What am I smiling for?

I'm fine
I know I will always be
It's just that life
Sometimes bother you
Like a nagging mind
Which you won't be able
To run away from.

Why am I doing this?

It is painful
Shattering my heart
Like breaking it
By shooting it.

So why am I still standing here?

My mind tells me to run
But my legs are trembling
Disabling me to escape
As my beating heart
Continues to weakens my mind.

I don't understand you.

So how is it possible
That I am in love with you
This deep
Like I've never felt before?

Love is painful
Though sometimes sweet
And even though I know
I'm hurting myself,
I'm addicted to it.

yeah i promised my self that i would stop writting such stuff ... just try keeping the facade !! but i really am FINE !! I guess i upload these foolish stuff to get things out of my system ;) ... and may be my system is pretty bad these days :p !!

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  1. @hfm
    yeah am loving that word too ...

    no but sometimes pain gets so much that tears automatically come out ... and it hurts more when u keep them inside ... but i guess keeping them inside is better for a guy !! coz nobody can understand it !!

    oh sorry .... i didn't want to hurt any one :( !!

  2. Its good to get things out of ur system!!

    Keep it up!


  3. Thats really powerful.
    I liked the :
    But I'm just sick of putting on
    The fake facade


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