I am fineeeeeee !!

2:37:00 PM

Beneath the crying tears,
Beyond the bruised ego,
Is a boy, who’s just like me.
Insignificant as always,
Broken so many times.
No glue can save him,
Only he can save himself,
That is only if he wants.
He will move on eventually,
May be has already moved on,
Heart strong as ever,
He’ll beat them all,
Love the loved,
And hate the hated.
He faced another shock,
Yet pretended like nothing happened at all,
Deep down beneath it all,
The boy so broken,
Is just like me.

I know its stupid and just leave it .... had to get something out of my system ... so just blabbered this out !! anyways am Fineeeeeee fine as i could ever be ... Strong as i want to be ... may be want to be more strong .... faced some reality ... okkkkk okkk okkk ... CUT THE CRAP ...

Its damn cold here lolz .... doing nothing ... don't have much to do today ... like always .. listening to some insane songs .... ufff blues sometimes gives you a feeling which u can't even belive :) .... and found out anathema rocks !! as their soft tracks are ufff .... and oh yeah .... my mug broke :( .... lagta hai bacharay ko nazar lag gayee thi ... definitly kamini @bush tayri nazar lagi hai .... khair now i have to search for a new mug ;) ...

thats all i guess !!

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  1. it's really nice! i'm such a crappy writer!

  2. Love the loved
    and hate the hated?????
    but it will monopolize those who are loved .... ??

  3. its not crap!
    really liked it =]

    aww, your poor mug, u shudnt have showed off with it soo much ;]

  4. No way was that stupid!
    It was awesome, i can relate to that.


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