I wish i could really paint

7:45:00 AM

I wish i could really paint it though ... i know how to capture ... i know how to manipulate thing ... but i don't know how to paint ... i wish i knew it ... so i could fill everything in real with colors like i fill it in my dreams !!

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  1. I used to paint once...I was horrible!

  2. Painting is easy! All u have to do is choose the colours all right! .. and well yea u also need to know how to use the brush ! =P

  3. the image is really pretty!
    Why dont u give it a shot eh? nothing wrong with trying. And theres no such thing as 'i cant'. success comes in cans, not cannots! =]]

  4. uglyduckling
    yeah good idea ;) ... will think of something

    by the way welcome gee to my BLooGG ;) !!

    hm... lemme see i guess hmm... chalo will bring paints tommorow and lets see ;) !!

  5. And what about the poetry and the photography and the photomanipulations???

  6. Try your hardest.
    It can't be too bad, and I'm sure once you try you'll realise that you have a niche for it.

  7. i dunno bout painting but u could deffo give photography a proper go! Where is tht?

  8. Siras
    hm.... but won't be doing it anymore !!

    hehe yeah my mom usually says this to me ... lolz

    where is what ?? and yeah i love photography !! this pic has been shot by me !

  9. You should give it a go, i havent painted in years but if that doesn;t work out then stick to photography, that pic rocks.


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