I wish it was all a dream !

7:40:00 AM

Sometimes I wish I was stronger. Other times I feel like I'm just out there alone. Sometimes I wish I had more self-esteem and wouldn't feel so insecure.

Other times I just wished I wouldn't feel like giving up already and staying home all alone. Sometimes I wished I could say things to those that hurt me so much but most of them don`t even know when they do this and yet some give no apology.

I wish I could say this is me and be happy with what I am, inside and out, but I'm not. I know I'm depressed and caused some people distres, you all know this is me but this time I'm sorry.

But coz of all this at times I feel like hurting myself in a way that you wouldn't see that I'm killing myself slowly, not by cutting. Other times I feel like sleeping and dreaming and wishing what happend to me was just a dream and that all that happned, never happened, not even in a million years.

Some people maybe critical and say this is life and hurry up and move on. I already know that and was told with sympothy from someone I still wish I could get over already.

Some of my friends may think I'm being over dramatic and thats fine. Other people may think I'm pissed off at them and some thing that is the usual me, but right now I'm just wishing that I would have the strength to move on or find the reason of why I couldn't cut myself when I wanted to so badly.

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  1. mubi
    yaar if i make the font large ... it'll kill its looks !!

    yaar am a pathetic looser who can do nothing about his life ... so he just whine's and complain thats why !!

    i wish not too :) !!

  2. You'll find the strength to move on, ubee. give yourself some time.

  3. Can't help but to agree with Marina, time is the greatest healer, patience is required.


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