In the depths of my heart !

7:57:00 AM

In the depths of my heart i still see you in a way nobody can even imagine ... standing alone !! glowing so beautifully the moon light shimmering upon you ... a heaven bestowed in your eyes ... your skin still as soft as cream !! ufff yaar i still get a really nice feeling when i think about it ... my tummy tingles :d ... but i still can see you standing alone ... your hair are still blonde ... but i can't imagine the brown streaks which u have given in them ... i just can see your long blonde hair the wind blowing it away and you feel like tieing them up but you left them open coz you know the way i like it !! You know what i imagined you that you are still waiting for me ... the angels still guarding you so nobody comes in our way .... a hope is again rising !! I don't know why but i feel like going through all over again !! i feel like living a new life BUT ONLY WITH YOU .... You know what my arms are opened, waiting to greet you, to hold you tight, feel your heart beat next to mine. To give you a hug, to lay a sweet embrace to free you, for a moment from this world, so you could be safe and loved. Hey come into my arms, they are waiting to touch you. Let me hold you tight, heart to heart, my embrace is filled of unspoken feelings and thoughts. The meaning of a hug is everything you ever wished for; in my arms you can have it all.... Hey come back yaar ek baar phir chali aao !! I know i said alot but i can never find the right words to explain how I feel about you or what i imagine about you. So many thoughts rushing through my mind whenever I think about you. I only could have dreamt all of this would happen but am glad it was with you !! Every hug, every kiss, every hand that was held, was special because it was shared with you... in the depths of my heart all the memories will always remain !! I LOVE YOU !! AND MISS YOU in the way nobody can understand !!

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  1. How do you know that no one else can miss/love that person as much as you can?
    Do you have a way of measuring love?If so, you should sell it and thus you shall have no money worries EVER.
    Though I can't promise it'll mend your broken heart.
    Stay strong!

  2. HFM
    first of all thanks for pointing that out ... actually that was a typo ... i had to write .. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU IN A WAY NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND ...

    and no love can not be measured and certainly not sold yaar !!

    yeah nothing can mend a broken heart except love it self ... and yeah am strong ;) !!

    thanks alot :) !!

  3. wow...
    its simply wow...
    straight from the heart ...:)

  4. I'm glad you have confidence in your own strength, I guess that's the step towards healing yourself.

  5. I love the absolute sincerity of the post! It's so...genuine and so loving. =)

  6. Pure and raw emotions at it's best. You write very well.


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