It's Hard To Find Angels In Hell

12:04:00 PM

The fires catch you in the faults
Roar right through the cracks
Flames burn through both skin and bones
No one may drag your back

The gates of wrought black iron
Lit by bonfires within
Feel the burning all around you
Reap the rewards of your sins

Do you feel one drop of remorse?
No—then, perhaps a hint of fear?

Welcome to Hell!
Enjoy your stay,
You’ll fit right in down here.

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  1. The gates of wrought black iron
    Lit by bonfires within

    Beautiful. :)

  2. Have you read Dante's Commedia?It's a poem about a journey through the afterlife, it's a heavy read- study it.
    You'll see that the worse type of Hell is the one where we are neutral at time of a great moral crisis.
    We make our own Hell on Earth by forgetting that there's One looking at us waiting to be turned towards.

  3. Ohh come On! It cant be all that bad? or is it. Hell, the ambiance is to die for.
    Ghalib ka andazai bayan hi kuch orhh hai!!

    If u didn't get the bakwas above, no prob. Nice poem.

  4. hfm
    naah i haven't read that but will add it to my list !! and yeah its concept is pretty much good ... definitly have to read !!


    thanks alot ... :) !

  5. Abbas
    yeah it can't be that bad ... but will have to see what it looks like .. ;) ... may be its more horrifying then our thoughts !!

    And no doubt .... ghalib ka andazi bayan kuch aur hi hai ... i LOVE GHALIB :) !! (but am not gay ;d lolz)

    hehe chalay gaa ... tayri baqwas sunnay ki adat ho rahi hai !! lolz


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