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9:23:00 AM

I SAY: You never really understood

You never really understood
How it felt to stand back from you
And pretend not to love you as I do.
You never really understood
How I held back my tears,
Knowing that it was better
Than to crumble to nothing and cry.
You never really understood
Why I smiled when I saw you,
But turned away as fast as I could,

Hoping you didn’t see me
Or the tears that were falling down my cheeks.
You never really understood Just why I said "congrats",
Having heard of your new lover,

When my eyes told you differently.
You just never really understood, I guess.

SHE SAYS: That's what it took?

That's what it took?
To make you believe my vulnerability?

I did see your smiles

I did hear when you said congrats for my new lover.

I did love your pain,

And i tried kissing it away.

Silently, hoping that you wouldn't say I didn't understand
Wishing after, every star
that you wouldn't say "you don't know me"
Time has changed.
I am going to walk that isle.
I'm going to turn away,
You're the one who didn't understand.

The smiles i smiled,

When i saw you try.

The tears that I held back

When i saw you cry.

But I guess,

You'll always say
I never undserstand.

This is the first time ever there are colors in my post !! i guess this one is not some usual stuff ... the first one is by me and the secound one is a refute by a friend WHOM YOU ALL KNOW ... i wish i could put your name here buddy :( ... but hmm nothing ... ANYWAYS LISTEN YOUR WORDS ARE MAGICAL .... these both pieces were spontaneous ... were talking about something then these came along !!

Hey BUDDY i wish you start writting again !! Coz we both know how good you are !!

Anyways ................. YOU NEVER REALLY UNDERSTOOD !!

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  1. these are so absolutely beautiful! LOVE them :)

  2. I love the duality of the voices, both are confused and misunderstood by the other.that's what makes love so unique for each individual, we all feel and think differently.It's often those very differences in opinions which bring us closer, or pull us apart.

    Colour looks amazng, i love the blue-it's so vibrant!

  3. I love that you get both sides of the story.

  4. There's so much pain in both voices. It's tragic that so much could have gone right but didn't. Loved the writing. =)

  5. Words aren't magical, it's the feelng of similiarity that makes you love a writing.
    Anyway. I think, it's a naiiceeee post. I mean, i dont know. Cool man. I need sleep.more.

  6. siras
    thanks alot ... yeah these words have meaning ;) ...

    yeah i love it too both voices have deep pain in them .... yeah there is always a different in thinking but common is that they both are in love and are pretty much hurt !!

    actually these are not the actual sides of the story but yes these are definitly two sides ;) !!

    THATS WHAT WE CALL LIFEEEE !! lolz ... thanks from both of us ;) !!!

    chun chun
    hehe why do u always act confused ?? jab key i think u can understand its soul !!

  7. The more I am browsing your blog... the more I am finding it irresistible.
    Bravo Chap!!
    It’s gorgeous,
    What I liked most about both pieces that they both seems pretty much in love at their ends having clear vision for their love (like what did they expect, but what else they got and how it affect them), both are pretty much confident upon their feelings which made them steady at their places but still there is a fog of misunderstanding between both which no one can see.

  8. confusion, 'cause, im never sure. Except a few things. but heh. i like acting it through :. Life is a drama, might as well be an actress.


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