7:46:00 AM

Maana bikhra hoon mein abhi
Mein nay khawab piroay thay
Teri saanson mein gum hoon abhi
Meri chaahat adhoori hai

Mushkilain jab bhi aa ja-ain gi
Dard hudd say guzar ja-ay ga
Koi ghum na phir ho ga mujhe
Gar khawabon mein tum aao gay

Ab tho aadat si hai mujh ko aisay jeenay mein

Duur jithna bhi tum mujh se
Paas teray mein
Ab to aadat si hai mujh ko aisey jeenay mein
Ab to aadat si hai mujh ko....
Aisay jeenay mein.....

credits: deviantart

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  1. @seher
    lolz yes actually my name is Ubaid ... but my nick is UBEEE (given by a really good friend) ....

    yeah these words have strong meaning but most people don't like this song !!! i don't know why !!


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