Mmmmmm it was scrumptious....

6:43:00 PM

its been quite cold over here ... on my side .... i mean in lahore :p .... on saturday and sunday ... had two lunch parties at my place .... so had lots of left over cakes ... as my mom made them :D (pretty lucky in this part ;p) .... so yesterday evening it was damn cold ... and my hands were freezing so mom was out on the way back she brought coffee for me along with that she brought a pretty awesome choclate cake which she had made ... yaar its was uffff and i took the shot of my coffee cup (i love my cup :D lolz) .... and it was ufff .... it saved me from the cold .... and the cake was yummy too .... so thought would brag around how good that cake was oh yeah i took its pic too :p .... let me find it .... hmmmmm it was a chocholate deluxe cake with fresh cream on top , mixed fruit in it ... topping of fresh dark chocolate and chocolate chips !! oh i found its pic ...

ok people get jealous by it ... this is the cake ... i mean was the cake ;) ... lolz now its in my tummy :p hehe .... ok if u want my rating i would give it a 9 out of 10 ... but it was really really good :D !! it was mouth watering and stuff UMAIR u better get jealous now lolz ;)

and oh yeah i had a cherry frapuchinno along with it .... that was awesome too .... it was from gloria jeans ... it got a little cold ... but still it was gr8 mmmmmmm i want some more of the cake and the coffee :( !!

oh i forgot to put my logo on the pics ... hmmm would do it some other time .... coz currently am at my grand mothers place ... and i forgot to bring my usb along :( .... it had my UBeee tool kit (nerdy name i guess) in it .... with all kind of cool softwares in it !!

so any one ate something interesting ?? or anything interesting on your sides ?? coz am bored !!

oh one more thing i finnally started book reading YEAAAH MEE !! lolz and i totally don't know which book to read or what :p ... but am reading a book called Angels and demons by Dan Brown its a pretty awesome book i am really enjoying it ... so people suggest me some books ... i wann read ... reading is good ... i think :p ...

and yeah yeah i know this is a really dumb post :D !!

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  1. sure marina u can have it !! hehe ... come to lahore my mom bakes alot .. will get u a cheese cake or something ;) ... or i am planning to come to isloo can deliver it lolz ;p


  2. @bush

    na na na naaaaa .... u ain't gonna get anything lolz ;) ... the MUG is mine... mine all mine .... i louvvveeee my mUg !!

    and cake ... hmm same offer tayray liye hai come to lahore and i'll feed u so much nice thingy (home made as well as others) .... that you would look like u have swollened up lolz ;)

    oh did i tell you that i just had a cup of irish coffee ?? definitly u should try this one .... its ufffffffffff yaar

    and naa i knw am too sweet u can't kill me lolz ;) ...

    oh khair hai yaar mayri tareefain ?? YEAH YEAH I KNW ... i learnt from the best (and u knw who that is ;d) *hugz*

  3. i have the same coffee mug :D... n it has been a year i havent used it :(

  4. @seher

    oh then use it naah ... its pretty awesome mug :D


    actually she is sending me a 7 mp lg camera .... but thats temporary .... i am collecting money to buy a sony cybershot 10 mp one !!

  5. I need a mug for my tea and that cake looked soo good! Home-cooked?

  6. @bush

    hey bozoo u remember it ?? hmm ... this was totally unexpected though :p ...

    and yeah eeeeehhhhh my teenage is ending .... naah i guess i would turn twenteen then lolz :D ...

  7. Yumyumyumyumyum.

    I miss my camera.
    As soon as I have enough money,I'm going to treat myself to a camera.
    Or maybe just wait til June and hint all my worth to my friends.

  8. If u wouldnt mind and pass on a lil piece of that cake i will be grateful :P


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