My Autobiography

7:46:00 PM

Down this trail,
I envisioned myself with two,
A lover in my hand,
A friend behind,
But in the end it's bland,

I walk along the wooden floors,
To see what I was before,
A cheerful, caring spirit,
Laughing beyond the walls,
Before I faced adversity,

In the corner rests that one,
Sullen and unheard,
A pariah with integrity,
But none for love,

I watch the hands of friends,
Become chained as one,
As if matrimony is a noun,
Then throwing darts,
Once their love departs,

In my chair I wish for more,
Stars in my door,
Not even trying so hard,
To achieve more,
But only getting less,
In an endless adversity.....

this is a collab... a friend helped with the vucabullary and made it what it is now ....

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  1. that is very good, have u ever thought about becoming a poet, write a whole book of 'ubee's poems'!!

    Very Nice :-)


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