New begining

5:54:00 AM

Can you see
see the open door with a light,
a light so bright that it overwhelms everything which is coming in its way.

Can you hear
hear the wind blowing,
blowing so hard that it has a sweet music in it creating a die for atmospher around.

Can you sense
sense a change,
a change which will create a world around you.

Can you feel
feel a thump,
a thump of an epic story just waiting to start.

What is this all happening ?
Is this what they call a start,
a start of a new journey,
a journey with a destination in mind.

Or is it what they call hope ?
hope that finally it`ll be hope all over,
the pain, the hatred, the insanity, the madness, the pessimism will all be over.

I don`t know what it is,
i just know that am getting positive vibes from it.

It is forcing me to stand up again,
stand to face all the hardships of the world yet again,
but along with facing everything it has brought a new hope inside me,
not the hope that everything will be better but instead the hope that i`ll make everything better.

I still don`t know whats all this happening,
i just know that am loving the feel of it,
maybe this is what they call a NEW BEGINING......

was sitting in my room during my time off ... was blaming my self ... that whatever is happening coz of me ... and coz of my dumb and stupid brain and heart .... then just felt what the fuck ... i am right ... i didn`t do anything wrong ... lets be modest i was the not the one who was wrong ... so as days passed this thing started to be my strength .... now i am able to face any problem of mine ... and instead of saying my self bad ... i can just say others that go to hell ... i have stopped putting every blame on my self ... so that others can get relaxed ... i have a life too ... i have a future in my mind ... i have dreams too ... maybe i don`t know how to write (this could be a definite right) but who cares ... am writing for my self not for anybody else ... i just want a nice and peaceful life ... the life which i dreamed of ... and just spread love around ... coz i am what i am ... maybe i am a regret for everyone but its my life if u guys can`t come to my level it isn`t my fault ... i didn`t demand anything exceptional ... i just gave love for the sake of love ... anyways its not always about love ... but still currently i damn care what people think about me or what they will think ... i just know i have to really work hard ... have a long age ahead (that depends on GOD ... so how much i live HE knows i don`t care anymore :p HE knows whats best for me ... ) so currently i need to focus on my studies, on my job and have lots in mind so just need to focus on that ... its most important right now i need to live FOR MY SELF .... AND I NEED TO BE SELFISH (i guess it works) ... *i don`t knw what am writing right now hehe :p* and anyways to cut the topic i see a new begining ... a positive one ... so LETS ROCK .... LIVE AND LET LIVE :p

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  1. hmm i dont want to spoil your vibes of positivity..but umm i think live and let live kahbi bhi possible nai hota :p oh great there goes my resolution of being optimistic :p :$

  2. Great to see a +ve post, but like Seher said, selfishness works only for a little while. :)
    Enjoy your positivity! =)

  3. I'm gonna say BE SELFISH, y all need to be once in a while.Often the emotions and issues of others and become our own thus pushing us deeper into the realm of darknessa and pain.
    Be yourself, don't let other people's opinions govern your life, ofcourse- listen to their words but it's your choice to implement them into your life.

    Welcome back!

  4. Live and let live...that's an ace motto. Trust in Him and you'll be alright, jee.

  5. you worry too much. WELCOME BACK!!!

  6. Be selfish, for a while use it in its moderation otherwise you might become something you dont want to be.


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