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6:35:00 AM

My bands name is Scheitholt this group is a mixture of worlds different musician .... Our name is based on a Traditional German Instrument !! We have got everything in this band russians, germans, irani, iraqi, americanz, british babes, paki singers ... we make you dance, we make you cry, we can even make you fall in love again !! Our theme is emotional yet inspiring we are no geeks like the band Peculiar Institution we are SPECIAL !! And hold your horses people we are doing a contract with NELLY and ENRIQUE ... so expect alot from us !!

Our First Album is called Himself, Loses his misery its a totally self obsessed, depressing but yet romantic album !!
We don't have much variety in this album but definitly it would make you cry ... not the simple cry ... but the cry in which u'll scream loudly mama mama mama ... that one cry !! This album best in making you depress so we advise that people who are already don't buy it as we don't want to be responsible of your suicidal attempt ! And bonus tracks include the song Storm and Everything we are giving cover to LIFEHOUSE ... and one more bonus track in which Avril Lavigne is singing with us ! So prepare your self for the best album of the season ... cold as stone

Our album cover was designed by a great artist we hired from flickr ... it has the feel of the album in it !! Like its cold ... raw ... loneliness and even the desperateness all is present here .... the cover was not fitting on the cd so we had to crop it out ... to bring to this size ... and the album holder where these would be places would have snow all over it ... and a young hot girl would be standing there crying to describe the intensity and emotional aspect of the album (tactics for better sales) !!

Inspired by the band: Peculiar Institution

Play the game:

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

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  1. Wow, yours' is pretty impressive.I likeee :)
    I like that you talked about the band and the music, makes it more real and tangible!

  2. WOW! That's a beautiful picture! :)

  3. @hfm...
    yeah thanks ... i thought lets do something serious ... and i love music ... so this was easy :) !!

    hehe i didn't took it ... it was a game ;) !!


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