Self Harm

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Self-injury (SI) or self-harm (SH) is deliberate injury inflicted by a person upon their own body without suicidal intent. Some scholars use more technical definitions related to specific aspects of this behaviour. These acts may be aimed at relieving otherwise unbearable emotions, sensations of unreality and numbness. The illness is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) as a symptom of borderline personality disorder and depressive disorders. It is sometimes associated with mental illness, a history of trauma and abuse including emotional abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders, or mental traits such as low self-esteem or perfectionism, but a statistical analysis is difficult, as many self-injurers conceal their injuries.

Self harmers are often mistaken as suicidal, but in the majority of cases this is inaccurate. Non-fatal self-harm is common in young people worldwide and due to this prevalence the term self-harm is increasingly used to denote any non-fatal acts of deliberate self-harm, irrespective of the intention.

There are a number of different treatments available for self-injurers which concentrate on either treating the underlying causes or on treating the behaviour itself. When self-injury is associated with depression, antidepressant drugs and treatments may be effective. Alternative approaches involve avoidance techniques, which focus on keeping the self-injurer occupied with other activities, or replacing the act of self-harm with safer methods that do not lead to permanent damage.

Helping yourself

This section is about helping yourself to stop self-harming.
Understanding why you do it

Stopping is easier if you can find other ways of expressing or coping with your feelings. To do this you need to try to understand what makes you do it. Lots of people don't know why they hurt themselves so it may be useful to think about:

* What was going on in your life when you first began to harm yourself
* How you feel just before you want to hurt yourself
* Whether you would find it useful to keep a 'mood' diary, writing down your feelings at different times
* Whether you are always in the same place or with a particular person
* If you have any bad memories or thoughts that you can't tell anyone.

Thinking about other things

When you feel anxious or upset, doing something you enjoy or trying to think about other things can be a way to help you stop hurting yourself. You could try:

* Phoning a friend
* Writing down your feelings in a diary
* Listening to music, drawing or reading
* Going for a walk or a run, dancing, exercising or playing sport
* Counting down slowly from 10 to 0
* Breathing slowly, in through the nose and out through the mouth
* Focusing on objects around you and thinking about what they look, sound, smell, taste and feel like.

If you still want to hurt yourself

If you still want to hurt yourself try:

* Finding a safe punching bag like some pillows
* Putting your hands into a bowl of ice cubes for a short time or rubbing ice on the part of your body you feel like injuring
* Using a red felt tip marker or lipstick to mark your body instead of cutting
* Putting a rubber band around your wrist and flicking it
* Putting sticking plasters on the parts of your body you want to injure.

It can be hard to stop

Self-harm can be really hard to stop. It may take time and there are likely to be ups and downs along the way. Sometimes, however hard you try on your own, you just can't cope with your feelings.

If you can't stop wanting to hurt yourself it's best to get help from someone you can trust. This means finding someone who you can talk to about your problems and who can give you practical help.

> If you do not feel ready to stop self-harming
Harming yourself may have become a way of dealing with your feelings that you find hard to imagine coping without. If this is how you feel, here are some ways to help you look after yourself.


Ok So like i was really involved in such thingies !! or whatever ... anyways just saw some one do self harm to him self :( .... oh my God he had like used a blade to cut his whole self ... u can't imagine how much cuts he had given to himself !!! eeehhhh ....

SO PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM IT !!!! its bad ...

actually don't have words !!! AM SPEECHLESS right now ....

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  1. That is one very sad and terrible way to deal with depression :(

    How is your friend doing now?

  2. yeah i do agree a bit with u on this ...

    and it was not my friend ... i had gone with a NGO over there ... and it was really gore to see that !!!

  3. You shouldn't say...try to help him if you can..don't say things like "eeeehhhh"
    really...why they do it is hard to understand ..if you see anyone who has injured himself..tell him he doesnt need to do that..just dont judge him..
    i am sorry i just had to say this..i know how it feels because i have gone through it..i wish someone helps the guy you saw..may Allah give him the strength to not do that to himself..
    btw i read your blog often and i really like it here..:)

  4. @raaji
    Yeah true ...

    shall i tell u one thing honestly ??

    NONE OF THESE TIPS WORK ... coz what a person decides ... he just decides ... and he or she does what they have to do ... but i don't know why most of the guys do self harm ... not the girls ...

    anyways its not the solution ... but i belive it neither gives u pain ... u hurt your self as much as u can .... but the pain in your hurt still doesn't go away ...

    naah i had to say eeehhh to him ... coz i was thinking that why did he do this ... he should have killed him self properly instead of doing this ... i heard his story ... it was very sad ... AND HE DIDN'T DO THIS COZ OF LOVE !! like most of us do it for ... he had other problems ... and i felt sorry for that guy ... and yeah i have talked to the NGO people ... they'll definitly help him ATLEAST I HOPE THEY KEEP THEIR WORDS ....

    i guess everybody has tried harming them self ... but again ... IT JUST DOENS'T WORK !!!

    and neither it hurts !!!

    and glad to know that i have silent readers as well !!!

  5. Horrible stuff.... all caused by psychological illnesses and such.

  6. @abbas
    waisey i don't belive they are psycological ill ... i just think that they are frustrated with the world !!!

  7. but again..people who injure themselves..90% of them are not suicidical..
    anyways i hope somebody helps him out..
    and you are right..i mean who hasn't tried it..injuring yourself isn't only can be in other forms too..
    and yeah i dont think they are psycological ill..they just have some issues that are not dealt properly..
    looking forward to your next post..:)

  8. OUCH!!!! Let's hope he gets help and love!

  9. The manipulation is AMAZING.You're really talented mashallah.

    The text scared me, I think self-harmers have this consistency in thinking they're alone.A friend of mine self harmed just for attention, it's pathetic but so sad.
    Surround these people with love and attention, sometimes that can be the only healer.

  10. Self harming is a way of coping with stress, aparently it is all very normal, it makes the person feel better as your brain produces some pain killers before hand, and then once the deed has been done your brain washes it self with endorphins (which makes you feel happy & is your body's version of morphene, which is like heroin or whatever)that is why anoexic people are high on their own drugs & dont feel that much.
    Just in case you wanted a science lesson.


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