Shattered Dreams

7:59:00 AM

shattered dreams
they come and go
they steal my happieness
and bring on the sorrow
they bring me back to reality
they take me away from my fantasies
they steal my smile
and bring out the tears
they hurt so much
i've begun to let them in
my dreams have become nightmares
and my laughs turn into cries
they bring out the scars that i try to hide
and bring out the new ones that have yet to exsist

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  1. Hmm. I think you are wrong, everyone has a poet inside them. You're just on your way to the exotic life of poets. I also think that poets, actually do have feelings and are free to express in their own ways. You have own way of expressing,while other's have theirs. I don't see why you don't wanna agree. It's something else if you don't want to be a poet.

  2. @mubi

    actually this is far more brighter then i planned to make it !!

    coz when the dreams are so beautiful and bright when they break they become dark and hurt as much as they gave happiness they give pain and missery !!

    yeah definitly its easy to pen down negative feelings positive ones are hard !!


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