Tere Pyar Main

6:42:00 PM

Teray pyaar mein
dil haar kay
main nay kya paaya kya gawaya
teray pyaar mein
dil haar kay
main nay kya paaya kya gawaya
tujh ko chaya, tujh ko puja
main nay tujhay dil mein basaya
teray liyeeeeee bewaafa
kaisay jeya haye kya kya kiya
teray pyaar mein
dil haar kay
main nay kya paaya kya gawaya
teri yaadein woh saari baatein
tu he bata kaisey bula doon
kise kahoon aye bewaafa dil kis tarah toota mera
teray pyarrrrrrrr mein
dil haarrrrrrrr kay
main nay kyaaaaa paayaaaaaaa kya gawayaaaaa

Picture credit deviantart

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  1. Beautiful image
    But i hate this word "bewafa"
    Is it mandatory to blame some one in the end of vain relationship.
    if is it really so,,,, then why cant we blame to our so called fate and circumstances

    I think by blaming other person, we not only curse that person whom me might love most in our life but also humiliate our feelings for him/her too.

  2. I love this song! Kaavish zindabad =D

  3. Oh it’s a song by kaavish
    I thought you wrote it ..:$
    That’s why i got bit shocked
    Yup i read your older posts too as u kept on repeating that whatever had happened was your fault
    I thought it’s just a change of phase in you (as I have seen many people who just want to come out of all this by blaming other partner) and it never works in actual trust me
    The best healing i found in to get free the other person from all kind of blames and guiltiness... let go him on his way and try to make your own way while keeping your past(either good/bad) with you… ‘Remember keeping not overwhelming’)
    It’s hard.. even more slower than the slow poisoning but it cures in real for sure
    I heard only bachpan by kaavish
    Not this one
    I will listen this one and let u know :)

  4. Love love love the pic.
    Words: hmm, don't really understand them much.


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