Untill I Can't Feel The Cold

8:58:00 AM

There's no one around
as I stand here in the cold.
It's so quiet,
I hear every breath I take.
I look around
and my heart aches.
I want you here beside me...
My hands
are frozen numb,
I wish I could have it in yours,
we'd warm eachothers.
I can barely feel my lips,
but if you were here
to kiss them,
I'd regain some feeling.
I just want you
to hold me here,
until I can no longer
feel the cold

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  1. The image is simply beyond the words and so the poem is,
    Flawlessly expressing the true feelings of winters (esp. dark chilly nights)
    Did you write this or quoted from some where?

  2. @chun chun
    fankk u :)

    thanks alot...
    yup coz i call her my angel ... the one who gave me feelings ... and maybe its coz i belive that they do exist :)

    aww thanks alot :) ... i love the way you comment they are so expressive !! but i don't think that its good !!
    and 98% of poetry is mine ... thats why they are so bad !! :s

  3. One doesn't have to know what they want to say. Sometimes, it all unintentional. Khair. I don't know lol.

  4. I love the picture but the words scare me.I think I'm afraid to feel too much, the numbness is often what keeps me going since feeling is too painful.

  5. Awww.
    Your poetry's not bad!
    I love it, so full of meaning.

  6. tht is soo sweet, did u write it urself?


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