14th feb 09

10:42:00 PM

So hm... today was awesome !! u can say it awesome !! after doing all the work at home ... left mom to school and had the car so i went to office ... on my way to office ... i thought i should give all my employees valentines gift ... so like these days i have 5 people under me as a team ... and three are girls in them .... so i bought 3 chocholate roses (they were long stem roses ... in center of the rose there was a chocolate ferro roche in it) ... and bought a chocolate rabbit for sakina, heart cookies for samia (the one is blue dress with whom i was on date before ;P) .... and a poetry book for faiza (she loves reading poetry) ... got it properly wrapped ... then made bags for all three of them ... threw it in my car ... and rushed to my office ... when i reached there ... samia was waitting there ... and was cursing me for coming late :p .... so i opened the office door for her ... we settled down ... then FROM ALL DAYS OF THE WORLD I HAD TO CHOOSE TODAY TO DRINK COFFEE FROM MCDONALDS *OH yeah i love its coffee* ... so me and samia *as she was the only one in office* sat in the car and told the other people to reach the gulberg wala mcdonalds ... as my office is in gulber arcade ... gulberg main market ... so this one was the nearest one .... so me and samia went a long way ... as weather was uff ... so we had a mini drive :p ..... *main bohat chaloo cheez houn :p* and reached mcdonalds .... as it was 10.20 am ... mcdonalds was not open =( ... so we sat in the car ... while faiza and sakina reached there ... and there was still no scene of raied and asad (the other two employees) .... so we started to plan that we should go to the jail road one mcdonalds ... as woh ziyada ishtihari hai ... as we all are good friends ... so we wanted a place which was crowded so we could have fun by seeing others :p .... so we went to that place ... but it was still closed ... so i was just roaming around on the car that i went into the kanade wali service lane .... we passed the kanade door ... and then comes a little sunsaan kisam ka rasta ... AND OMG u won't belive what happened :p ... kind of embarrasing waisey .... a guy and girl lagay huey they gari hi main :p they were smooching around :p .... and yaar they didn't even had shades on buhahah hum ney un ko tang kernay key liye .. i parked the car right besides them ... and sakina started taking their pics through my camera :p ... lolz they were so busy that they didn't even realise this .... but when they did un ki BAND BAJ gayee :p ... started to plead to us pls del it and stuff ... and the girl started to cry :( .... toh then we deleted it ... but baghairat kom hai ... THEY SHOULDN'T DO SUCH THINGS ...(waisey if people wanna do it so desperately they can always go to the LSE parking lot its always empty ;d ....) *evil mind* ... after that we took a u-turn from there ... and when we did this ... there was a guy coming in city ... he started to stare us ... as i was the only guy in the car ... and samia was aiween holding my arm ... while the other two were sitting on back seat ... the guy's mouth juts kept open ... it was so funny ... us key baad mujhey ankh maar key chala gaya ... and we all started to laugh hardly ... mujhey keh ker jata hai lagay raho !! tumhari kismat hai teen teen key saath lagay huey ho how do u manage ... but then i just drove by ... and started to laugh as much as we could hahah it was so damn funnyy .... OK SO CUT THE CHASE ... we all reached mcdonalds but we went back to the gulberg one ... and*CENSORED* u don't wanna know what happened over there ..... lolz ...


Ok now back at office at 1 .... we all came back ... and raied and asad gave chocolates to girls ... so it was my turn ... samia came and said to me
Samia: Suniya gee
Me: gee boliya gee
Samia: *comes closer* .... humari toh aaj engagement nahi honi thee gee
Me: oh haan per main toh ring bhool gaya ...
Samia: *holds my hand* ... yeh liye gee ... main ring pehley sey hi lay aayeee
Me: *kind of shocked* .... are u serious ??
Sakina: Ofcourse she is ... us ki ankhoun main tum apnay liye pyar nahi dekh rahey ??
Me: *cheeks getting red*
Sakina: chal oye nautanki na ker .... ho ja shuru choray !!
Samia: Waisey aap ki marzi hai gee ... main hoti hi kaun houn jo aap mayray saath engagement kero *emotionally torchers*
ALL: *start to pump me up* ... Ubaid ... come on ... u can do it ... be brave and propose ubaid ubaid !!
Me: *Get all emotional and stuff .. and hyper as well* hm... chalo kerta houn kuch

Sakina takes out her mobile cam ... and i come in a heroic way.... samia is standing in the middle of the office .... i come on my knees and ....

Me: *remembers his dialogues*

*gives the chocolate rose*
*she starts to blush then i start my remaining dialogue*
I want to lie with you in green pastures.... agar ami abu sey ijazat mili...
Swim with you in fresh, blue water.... agar tumharay aba mujhey swimming pool wala ghar dain gain ...
I want to hold you until all times end... bathroom janay sey pehley obviously i'll leave ...
Love is small word ... but right now according to all of them i do this with you...
thoda pass aao ....
Kiss me, *every one starts to laugh wildly and she starts to blush* love me, my love for you never dies... depending key mayra tumharay saath rehnay ka hosla kitna hai....
Like a candle that never goes out... except when the fan turns on....
My love for you burns on and on... and i don't have burnol to stop this burning....
Please say yes.... warna zabardasti kernay parey gi...
Sweet pari of my office ....
Will you get enaged with me .... soch laina achi tarah ... may rastay main mukar jata houn ....

*everybody becomes serious ... try controlling their laughs*

Samia: Kya kahoun gee ....
All: duffus haan bol day anghuti hi wapis mil jaye gii
Me: *looking in her eyes holding her hand ... and ring in my other hand*
Samia: Pehna diya gee ... main aap ki hui
Me: waah mayri kismat phoot gayee aaj :p i mean kismat mil gayee mujhey *puts the ring on her right hand center finger*

EVERYBODY starts clapping ... and pushed both of us to hug each other ... OK PEOPLE THAT WAS WAY TO AWKWARD .....

after that everybody starts throwing flowers on us .... lolz

and then everybody start to dance ... and oh yeah note that we were doing all this in my office ... as boss called and told her that we can have a party over there ....

after that they wanted to make everything formal ... so they forced me to dance with samia .... AND YEAH IT WAS MAJORLY HARD ..... sakina tought me how to dance ... but they wanted us to do a close dance ... and my cheeks were already laal !! woh bhi full time .... so after 10 mins of sakina's teaching me .... she pushed me again in the center of the office ... they turned on first TERI ORE from the film singh is king ... me and samia both were getting nervous ... while the devil (sakina) ... was forcing us .... by emotionally blackmailing us .... so finally we did it ... don't ask how (although we do have videos but still don't ask) .... i firstly took samia romanticly to the center of the office ... then she gave me her hand so i held that ... and placed my other hand on her waist .... and ehmmmm .... we did the dance ... ok can't tell more ... after this ... we did EVEN MORE CLOSE DANCE WITH EACH OTHER .... on a song called KHUDA JANEY from the film BACHNA AE HASENO ... ain't telling more .... khair we had fun there ...

then boss had given me money for party ... so we ordererd pizza ... and turned on a movie called VANILLA SKY ... then started watching that ... while all sitting close close ehm ehm .... (yes we have tv and dvd player in our office) ....

after that everybody came back home ... SO AM TECHNICALLY ENGAGED ... but at the end before coming back home ... SOMEONE called me up ;) ... and i started to talk with her like love shove u .... toh samia naraz ho ker ghar chali gayee :p ...


so came back home ... at like 8 ... mom ko nazar lag gayee :( ... she almost fell in school and got her arm bruised pretty bad ... so she hadn't cooked anything ... and she was damn tired ... and hurt ... so i took my bro, mom and dad to dinner out ... mausam was uff ... we had BBQ from ZEGRILL ... while sitting on rooftops ... and came back home ... so it was a really happening day .... but was fun .... :) ...

and oh yeah the following part is locked ... and am sorry password won't be given to anyone ... as it'll spoil everything above in the post .... coz its some crap which i had to write:

Click to enter password

anyways... IT WAS FUN ... and the best part of it is ... my family and coleagues were happy coz of me today ... so i love seeing people close to me happy ... what more i could ask from God ?? NOTHING I GUESS !!!


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  1. wow..
    MashaAllah .. you had real valentine day;)
    and the best part is you guys watched Vanilla Sky :D
    I luvvvvvvvvv tht movie man
    btw... apas ki baat haa
    pwd kissi ko bhi nahi milye ga :S:(

  2. waisye agar men larka hoti tu ye proposing lines zaroor copy kerti *thumbsup*...
    keep rocking dude!!!

  3. LOL! absolutely loved the proposing lines! :D
    Congrats Ubeeee!

  4. @ash
    hahah yeah real valentine day ... but bohat shamo shamo aati rahi may jab woh harketein ker raha tha ;) ...

    hahaha yeah i knew u would say this :p coz i remembered ur tag buhahah !!

    password ... hm... yaaarrr its suppose to be a fun post naa !!

    haha yeah when i was saying that mujhey toh doubt honey lag gaya tha key kahin woh serious hi na ho jaye ... and when i said those line every one was like ... ubaid tum ufff hooo !!

    hahaha they werent that good, i can do better ;) lolz !!

    congrats ?? oh it was just a joke ;p ... but thankss :D !!!

  5. U had a realli cool Valentines day!
    Mine ws pretty much full of nothingness!

    Do you always ve a laugh at ur office or do eva do any serious work!! ;-)

    Hahaha! Did u pre-plan the proposal??

  6. yh, it ws good, and soo sweet, no wonder she sed yes( and yes, yes i knw it ws a joke)!


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