Beep! Beep! - am back !

8:52:00 PM

Before starting anything i must say LAHORE LAHORE HAI :P ....

Ok so call me crazy or whatever u want :p ... i don't care lolz !! BUT YEAH I HAVE BEEN DOING PRETTY CRAZY STUFF FOR THE LAST 3 days ....

i have so so so so so so much to write about :( ... but am freaking tired as i reached lahore 4 am ... and then put my things away and went to sleep at 6 am for an hour then had to drop my mom at her school so did that then when came back dropped my bro up at his college ... then washed the car(it was a mess) .... then got ready and went to office ... and came back at 8.30 pm ... just had dinner.... So i'll just tell breifly about what happened .... ehmm shuru....

as i was suppose to leave on friday night 2 am .... but i didn't woke up at like 4... then i decided to take my mom and dad along so they could have some change too ... so woke them up ... prepared everything and so i left at like 5 am .... had a meeting at 9 ... so rescheduled it .... then reached islamabad at like 10.30 or something ... attended the meeting ... then got free ... AND ISLOO was pretty boring so i thought that i should leave for Muree ... so i left .... AND PEOPLEEE WHY DO U ALL GO TO MUREE ?? its just a fish market and a boring place to go .... anyways i got bored from there as well .... so i planned to leave from there as well ... after having lunch from a place called USMANIA !! so left from there !! AND ACCORDING TO MY DAD AT THAT TIME IT WAS A STUPID DECISION !! i planned to go to MUZAFRABAD ... so we left for there at like 4 pm .... and ufff yaar what beautiful scenery there was in UPPER TAPA ... and LOWER TAPA ... thick snow ... (and oh yeah i have lots of pics for u people :p) ... SAROOO ;) !! buhahaha ....

and oh yeah GOING TO MUZAFRABAD AT NIGHT IS SIMPLY CRAZZYYYY ..... and boi oh boi jehlam raat ko wavvaaa hi darona hota hai ... it scared the hell out of me :( .... so i gave the car to dad to drive ... as i was almost about to crash .... as there was land slidding there as well ... ANYWAYS CUT THE CHASE .... we reached there ... stayed at SANGAM hotel ... Had DINNER AT PC MUZAFRABAD (beautiful place) .... slept then visited some mazar ... AND OH YEAH I WAS IN KASHMIR .... so i had kashmiri nan chanay and tea in breakfast (all pixz with me :D) .... STUFFED MY SELF ALOT IN THIS TRIP ;p ... tried to go to PEER CHINAASI as well but there were like 11 foot snow over there ... so mission unsuccessful ... and oh yeah my battery ran out over there :( ... so didn't get much pics of THIS BEAUTIFUL PLACE :( .... but anyways .... some pics are below ....

after that came back to isloo ...

and did some stuff will tell some other time ... BUT HOW DO U PEOPLE SURVIVE IN SUCH A ORGANISED PLAIN NEW BORING CITY ??? :s

again anyways have lots of pics for u ... but some of them are as follows :d !!!

and oh yeah i just remembered ... me and dad DROVE TOTAL OF 1359 kms (yeah they are alot :p)


all pics are randomly placed ... and would be worked upon soon and will be uploaded on flickr :D ... and then they would look awesome ;) lolz ....

Chicken breast burger and Chicken fajita pizza from PAPSALUS

Papasalus Resturant (my favourite eating place in isloo)

Imam bari mazar in islambad

Hazrat Sayien Sakhi Saheli's mazar in KASHMIR

Me pozingz :p ... with a sword which i got for a friend !!

Evidence of me being in KASHMIR :p

Snow in Upper Topa

ME standing with my MOM ... with a Falcon on my hand ...

Just checking the cold :p

Amazing lighting effect in kalar kahar


So people i know you all commented ... so i thought why not reply u all :D ... and oh yeah the GREY COLOR ONE ARE YOUR COMMENTS ... and the BLUE COLOR ONES ARE MY REPLIES :p ....


Oh god i've missed so much.

Have a nyc tym at 'Isloo'!

BTW wht is Isloo??

U don't pack light, lol!


yeah you missed alot :p lolz ...

and oh yeah welcome back to u as well ;) ...

already had a nice time :p ... and no i was suppose to pack light but coz of mom and dad had to pack more ... and i hate doing that :p ...


LOL!! You really are high.. and coffee really does rock! :D



You are taking unecessary things...HOW MANY IPODS ARE YOU GONNA TAKE??
i wanna see the eyes. and can that ego get any bigger?
I cant believe you make your mum do everything! oh actually i can.
chill on the coffee mate!
challo, have a good time whatever imaginary place you're going to.

Isloo bolay toh islamabad .... I took two ipods with me :p ...

lolz u still stuck with the eyes ;) ... and by the way i have light brown colored eyes so its color changes :p ... so do see the ego in it when u get the chance ...

HEY i drove ... what else do i have to do more :p ...

AND ITS NOT IMAGINARY PLACE DUDE .... its the capital of pakistan ... lolz


Woah, chill on the coffee dude.
where is isloo?
have to agree with mev, i thought you could cook? why maky your mum do it?

yeah i can cook buddy ... but this doesn't mean that i have to do the cookings all the time ... what are mums for ;) ....


Dudes! Isloo is Islamabaaaad! :D
And have an ace time, Ubee-ji. :)

yeah they all are paindoo they don't know what is isloo :p ... lolz

shukria falk gee :p ...


How much do ipods cost there?
Send one my way.

Have a great time at your trip

I have 3 ipods 2 nano's and 1 shuffle ... the shuffle one costs 5000rs ... and the Nano's costs 3500rs each ...
hehe actually i got the shuffle one as gift from england and the nano's as gifts from dubai :D .... so i never actually spent a dime on them :D...

@chun chun

Your coming to islamabad, not going to Africa's undeveloped area.



oye tumhein toh mainey poochna tha gusay sey ...i took like 3 jackets with me like u suggested ... jab key wahan garmii thi :( ... it was freaking HOTTT ....

and haye allah i wish i had gone to africa :p ...


Welcome to my city. =D

faida ?? milay toh tusi pher vi nahi :p ... taday sheher anay daa ki faida ;) ...


Ah have an awesome time on yur trip, and take care of your ipods.and yur self of course. xDD

get better. =)

btw i get high off coffee too *rolls eyeballs*. lmao. but i hope you eased off it as you are DRIVING there. :P

hehe yeah i guarded them with my life :p ... lolz

and oh yeah am feeling much better now the fever is almost down ...

don't ask about driving :p ... it was pretty hard at late hours !!


have a safe trip & believe you me agar kisi pathan se waasta para tou sirf pashto songs ki CD day'nay se jaan nahi chooti gi:P

*have fun & do enjoy the lovely weather in Islamabad to its fullest.

hahaha yeah i know what u mean ;) lolz ...

yaar garmi thi islamabad main :( ... lahore was better ... and still is better today ...


you were sure on the hiiiigh! :D

have a great time Ubee! :D

fankkk u ... i did had a splendid time :) ...



the trips was great .... had fun ... but was really tiring ... the best part was that my mom dad were happy ... what more could i have asked ... had great experience ... visited places never seen before ... and OH YEAH i have been on phone all day many people are calling me up and saying that am a one LUCKY BASTARD .... that i got saved from many accidents .... and even from earth quake ... there was an earth quake in Muzafrabad after like 2 hours we left from there .... and did manage to save my self from 3 - 5 major accidents and stuff .... but i tell them all that AM NOT LUCKY .... its just that GOD hates me so much that he doesn't want me up as yet :p .... lolz ...


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  1. @ugly
    hehe yes i did had fun ... but am damn tired ...

    lolz i didn't knew that :p ... but actually nathiagali was closed coz of snow ... so there was no other choice ...

    and yeah its just to damn peaceful there :p .... and 90% people are burger sorts (no offence)... :p


  2. yay UR back!!

    Nice pics, i have finally learnt tht Isloo is Islamabad! U learn a new thing everyday!

  3. @ugly

    yaar i went there ... but they didn't had any proper place to sit ... and i was so tired didn't want to eat in the car ... but i did eat its BERRY MOUSSE ... and brought its pastries and biscuits back home ... they are pretty good ... currently am eating 8'o clock pastry from UNITED ... buhahah its really good :D !!

  4. Cool pictures, you went to kashmir?
    Glad you had fun.

  5. @outcast
    yup i went to kashmir ... it was pretty cool there ... and oh yeah IT WAS COLD ... brrrrr

    not three days just 2 days ... and yeah pretty wild trip ;) !! and its good to be back :) !!

  6. Hey, looks like you had a blast! It is so sweet of your to bring your parents along - shabaash :)

    Oh, and I'm so glad you posted pictures. Stories demand evidence you know, specially in blogging, hehe.

    PS: The font is too small, hard to read. Or perhaps it's the black background.

  7. wow man i am jealous!!! :( you went to places and had fun...
    aw ur mum is such a petite woman hehehe

  8. Adventurous trip!
    Sounds like you had a roller coaster ride ;)
    You mom is very pretty lady MashaAllah
    Give a enormous hug to her from my side :D


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