Blue Miracle

9:46:00 PM

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  1. OMG!

    tht is extremely beautiful.

    Wait a minute, did u take tht urself, if u did, WOW!

  2. OMG! Well done! i take soo crappy pics! but hey my camera looks nyc though!

  3. Oohh! Gorgeous, Ubaid-ji. You've got real talent with this photoshop thing. :)

  4. butterfly is shoo cutoo.. lyke meeeeeeee(A) :D as it's in my fav color too (BLUE)
    superb work dude..

  5. @iom
    lolz ... which camera do u have ?? the pink one naah ??

    lolz ... yup very very parrooo :D ...

    shukriya falakk ji ... bas karam hai us zaat ka warna main na cheez kya tehra =) !!

    chun chun
    kyun ?? does she has wings or is she blue ;) lolz

    yeah ditto like u :p ...yeah i love blue color too ... but i lovvveeee BLACK !!!

  6. :D thankooo
    i love white instead of black

  7. @ash

    white ??? what would u do if it rains ;) !!!

  8. well i try to hug all rain drops as its my one of fav season so i tryto welcome it by sharing hugs :D

  9. yaar i love rain as well .... its my favourite too ... i don't care where ever i am ... when its raining .... i just go in it ...its currently raining hard over here !!

  10. wow..
    send some loaded kind clouds here too
    btw ..
    em done with this tagi magi :D
    chk out

  11. @ash
    will check out in a while ... and yeah if i could send infact if my mom could send she would definitly had ... coz she has a carnival in her school ... and rain is spoilling everything :p ...

    fankk u :) !!


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