daah daah daahhhhh !!

6:44:00 PM

So me alhamdullilah doing fine shine ... and so people who are getting worried by reading my previous posts ... DON'T !! am fine and great !! infact am happy :) ....

finally today everything is decided ... and planned everything as well....

and before saying anything i would like to say ALL OF THESE ARE MY DECISIONS .... FINALLY DECIDED THINGS FOR MY SELF =) !!!

so for first of my decsion and proof of it :p ... is :

am giving alevel papers :) ... submitted the fees ... so am giving Accounts, busness studies and oh yeah was pushed with one paper URDU ....

and oh yeah also have given the fees for ACCA papers as well...

along with that ... i cancelled my england tour .... or u can say delayed it ..... and now trying to get into austrailia ... if some prob happens there i always have a scholorship thingy in england ....

anyways also setted up my time table ...

ok so this is the fixed time table:

06.00 am : wake up (if i sleep that is)
06.30 am: breakfast
07.30 am: leaving bro to his college
08.00 am: leaving mom to her school
08.30 am: get back home and sit on the pc for like appx. 30 mins
09.00 am: start getting dressed up and stuff
09.30 am: leave for accademy
10.00 am: study urdu at one accademy
11.00 am: leave from accademy and reach office
11.20 am: takes 2o mins there .... so start working as i get there
06.00 pm: work till this time ... then leave for accounting accademy to another place 25 mins drive
06.30 pm: go to accounting class .... then study business study next...
08.30 pm: leave for my university 15 mins drive
08.45 pm: reach university ... and rest for 15 mins ... i.e if i don't get stuck in traffic
09.00 pm: start studying for my acca class....
10.45 pm: get free from class ...
11.00 pm: go back to office to close all accounts and stuff... just 35 mins work
11.50 pm: get free ... go back home ... and thats far so it'll take 49 mins to reach there...
12.40 pm: get back home ... have dinner ... and oh yeah have to warm and serve my self coz everybody sleeps at my place by 10.30 or 11....
01.30 am: get changed and free from dinner and stuff.... then start studying for 3 hours .... as A levels and ACCA isn't easy ... and have to start reading my MBA books along with it ...
4.30 am: SLEEP .....

and then the same routine again ..... so me happy shappy =) ... finally everything has got fine ... and planned !!

SO SEE ... i made everything perfect and fine ... so no need to worry about me now ... *SPECIALLY SAYING THIS TO SOME PEOPLE* ......

anyways today am still in office .... working ... arranging a valentines day dance party .... and also have got a project to arrange the engagement of my friend ... she is finally getting engaged ... so she gave the project to me ... so calling people up and stuff ... have to arrange everything till friday as she is mad ... she wants her engagement on 14th ... and she told me to do all the work today ... so me doingggg ittt !!!

anyways back to work ... BOHAT BOLTA HOUN MAIN :p

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  1. All the best!

    Hope you get to stick to your well-executed time table :)

  2. good luck! with everything!!!!!!


  3. Congrats congrats!

    And have fun planning the engagement in one day! :P

  4. I hope you won't stress out with barely 3-4 hours of sleep and so much work. You know what I am saying...

    Don't be so hard on yourself :)
    Have fun at the engagement!!

  5. Good luck for your A levels, ACCA & MBA studies
    Time table seems quiet tough and exhausting
    I hope you manage well along with it and get some free time on weekends to relax (entertain) your brain cells.
    I usually made loads of time tables too o achieve my goals but unfortunately never stick with 'em :D
    A piece of advice from me
    It’s good to have goals and focused achieving skills in life but try to keep the difference between the goals and torment.

  6. @nadia
    lolz ... yeah i hope that same too :) ...

    fankk uu

    fankk uu *hugz*

    hahaha yeah its hard work ... but someone has to do ... but the worst part is i would not be going to it =( ... as i have to be in the management of a valentines day party !!

    there is some sleep in it..... hm i guess ....

    hm... stress out is sometimes good ... and yeah i exactly know and understand what you are saying !!

    hm... i'll try ...

    and yeah enagement arranging would be fun !!

    fankk uu .... hm i understand what u r saying .... lets see !!

    Allah behter keray ga !!

  7. Good luck!
    & how on earth do you manage to wake up at 6?


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