EMO is in my blood

9:52:00 PM

I hurt you,
Why do i hurt you,
Why can`t i let you be happy ?
Why can`t i admit the fact that your life would be better without me ?

Today coz of me you could have died,
Today coz of me it could have got all over.

Maybe i should have died,
So you could life happily ever after,
But i can`t even die,
I am just not that weak as YET.

Maybe i am waiting,
Waiting that you get better,
Waiting to see that you get married,
Waiting to see that you really become happy.

So i wish that this day comes soon,
Coz now i am tired,
Tired if seeing this all,
Tired of hurting you all.

So just pray that this day comes,
So i can finally go away,
Go away from this world,
Or atleast away from your life.

I know my words don`t mean much to you,
I know by saying all this it won`t make much difference to you,
But still felt like crying but wanted to cry with you,
So i wrote and cried my words out infront of you.

Like always at the end just wanna say you,
That i miss you,
I love you,
And will always love you ....

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  1. I think it true love is when u give up hat u wnat for tht person!

    Lovely poem, u write alot abot love don't u? I'm nt saying tht is a bad thing! ;-)

  2. Awww, thats so sad, but i loved the way you wrote it.

  3. @iom

    heheh yeah i guess i do write alot about on this topic ... hey suggest me a better topic lolz ... me getting bored with this one ;) !!

    nahii gee ... this was poor piece of writting !! but yeah it was straight from my heart ... and oh yeah i forgot to make it better i just directly wrote it ...

    heheh one one side u saying awww ... and on the other side u saying that u love it :p hahah ... anyways fankk uu ... but i don't think that its good :p !!

    lolz ... SURE ... i just know one topic to write about and that's love ;) ... so don't worry :p

    chun chun

  4. ermm try a humorous peoms i love summat that can make me laff!

    Or something with a moral!

    Whteva floats ur boat!



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