10:47:00 PM

hm ... don't have anything to say ... don't know but as days pass i feel like i have nothing to say .... there is nothing i want to talk about.... pata nahi why even i am posting this one ... i want to write so much ... but i don't have words ... i don't want to stop writting but i am being unable to write .... I WANT SOME SLEEP ..... am having pain in my shoulders ... band baji hui hai ... anwyays .....

arz hai geee

ZAreee zArree mein usi ka noor hai

Jhak khud mein woh na tujhse door hai
Ishq hai usse TO sab se ishq kar
Ishq hai usse
TO sab se ishq kar
IS ibadat ka Yehi dastoor hai
Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi
Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi

Yaar mera HAr taraf bharpur hai ...

baishak yaar mayra har taraf bharpur tha ... aur hai ... aur allah usay humesha salamat rekhay !!

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  1. Turn off the lights, get into your comfy bed, pull the covers up and SLEEP!!

    PS: Don't forget to turnoff the cell phone :D You are good to go :)

  2. @chun chun

    hahaha ... toh kis ney kaha main khush nahi ?? am honestly really really happy these days ... but i love whining :p hahahah

    SEE AM FINE AND HAPPY ... just don't know what to write ;) !!



    yeah i finally wore off last night .... and slept for few hours !!

  3. ermm......try a good book, hot chocolate, comfy bed and a huge cuddly duvet!


  4. @iom

    yeah just going to do that :D ....

  5. There is nothing so unusual…
    It happened a lot with me too at times when I really wanted to speak but ran out of words
    It’s good to do some work unwillingly… as you wrote this piece of post ...:)
    It’s good to hear that you are happy but what I believe happy people never claim by their own (out loud) that “see! I m happy “ ...:P

    Nice poetry too..
    Is it your brain child…?

  6. Ok
    I just listen it
    Thanks for mentioning
    I am listening now days "arizyan from the same album on repeated mode :P:D
    I am just in love with the lyrics of that track
    Its good to say and feel positive things but all I want to mention is keep a visible difference between positive doings and positive imaginations.
    A man can move ahead with the passage of time by doing tiny miny positive deeds but if he stuck into positive imaginations, he never came out of it.


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