How i see myself

10:32:00 PM

I call myself a dream,
A dream yet to be realized,
I call myself an idea,
The one yet to be visualized,
I haven't done much,
and much is yet to be done,
I hear my conscious shriek,
deep and deep inside,
but still there is Hope,
for within me lives an angel,
Bleeding but still alive
Thats all i know about me,
Ubeee- I still call myself a dream. . .

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  1. I haven't done much,
    and much is yet to be done,

    love this line ubee..
    hope you will not mind me calling you "ubeee"

  2. @ash
    fankk uu ... and naah why would i mind ... most people call me ubeee ... but honestly i dont mind being called ubaid as well :p ... lolz

    haha what do u mean by determined ;) lolz...

    oh thanks ... i didn't knew that this poem was good !! honestly i just wrote it without any reason or anything !!

  3. @ahmer

    nahi TOO MUCH OF LOVE IS GOOD ;) ... not everything in excess is bad :p !!

  4. One of your better poems! I like! :)

  5. @ahmer
    u can't imagine how hard it is for me to be positive ;) !!

  6. ubaid thora foraml hojata haa
    chalo 50 50 erlyte haan
    kabhi ubeee kabhi ubaid :D

  7. @ayla
    but looking at ur own self from different perspective ... I THINK THATS BEING SELF OBSSESSED !!

    and thanks ... but i know it wasn't that good !!

  8. lolz..
    btw .check my blog
    i wrote another piece of total crap
    i don't know why i posted it over blog but i did now....:-/ :-D
    tu comment kerna you ka farz haa :P

  9. @ash

    haan yaar tension na lo ... main abhi perh key comment kernay laga houn don't u worry :p ...

    and nothing is crap ... yaar listen ... bloggers are the best place to upload things what u write so keep on uploading... and lolz i'll keep on editing it :p !!

  10. lol...
    thanks for doing proof reading and editing in my stuff on volunteer basis :P
    Allah Miyan aap ko iska badra ajar dyen ge :D


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