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Its 7 am right now and am up since 5 .... slept at about 3 am or something ... if u count what i was doing as sleeping (had closed my eyes and was listening to music) .... today mom has her fun fair in her school ... and she loves to cook ... so as usual she has put a panga ... and had to make like 50 burgers and 150 brownies ... and she was working with it since last night ... but when i heard her voice in the kitchen at 4.30 ... i thought i should help her ... i couldn't let her do everything by her self .... so got up ... it took me like 30 mins to convince my self lolz .... and started making things ... so i divided the tasks ... she made the patties and salad for the burgers ... rest (sauce, assembling, wrapping) was on me ... so we started doing it .... first i had to put cling film on the brownies and walnuts ... so i did that while she was frying....

i guess i did a ok job :) .... anyways it took her 30 mins to do her stuff ... now it was on me to do everything .... so i started doing it .... and i am hating burgers right now ... it took me like 2 hours to do everything .... see below ...

ok so i again did an brilliant job ... me too good :p ... lolz !!

BUT THE MAIN THING WAS THAT EVERYTHING COULD HAVE GONE EASY ... if my younger brother (1.5 years younger) would have got up as well and helped me ... but noooo nawab sahab ko sona tha ... and if i said this to mom ... she was saying me ... keh rehn do u don't need to do work... us ko toh is ghar main kuch keh hi nahi sakhtay ... i feel like killing him ... anyways me ready was smelling like a burger with a touch of vanilla essence in it ... and oh I LOVE THE SMELL OF VANILLA essence ....

anyway me leaving to drop mom off ... then have to open the office ... my boss is in isloo ... so all office and crew is on me ... AM THE BOSS :D !!! but wayy too many responsibilites =( !!!

ENJOY PEOPLE ... have a nice valentines day !!

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  1. Happy Valentines day!

    It seems that you will be a caring husband :D

  2. Yum yum..
    I want all brownieezzzzzzzzzz
    gimme aunti's school address .. I want to do browniee operation ;)
    Interesting ... seems like you open another option for yourself...
    To work at “bun kabab thela”(burger handcart) :P .. to warp and serve customer hot n spicy burgers with liquefy green chilli chutni and extra ordinary red and sweet ketchup and after some years you will owning your own thela...
    Happy Valentine’s Day dude

  3. Your Ammi did a fabulous job on the browies; they look so yummy!

    Shabaash for putting aside your desire to sleep and helping out your mom instead! You've done a great job yourself wrapping all those burgers :)

  4. Well done you! and ur mummy!!

    It all looks really good, hey y dont u send me a taster through the post? Onli joking!

    have a nyc tym playing the big man at wrk!


  5. @hfm

    finally u replied :p ... WHERE HAD U BEEN =( ....

    and oh then u r bad girl ;) !!

  6. you can look into this side as well
    k jab mein apne resturant ki chain lahore mein kholon gi tu you might be my partner ;)
    What say ?

  7. noway sir ji
    mein bilkul transparent kaam karon gi
    sara maal bank mein rakhon ge
    than chup k se nikal loon ge;)
    clean handed you know ....

  8. @hfm
    tist tist

    hahaha nahi i have plans to stop u from doing anything like that !!!


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