Leaving for isloo

8:28:00 PM

Ok so i'll be going to isloo... i would be leaving from here at like 2 am....

so i guess am all ready ... i added the things hm... lemme check...

  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • brush
  • Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Jacket
  • Sweaters (oh i heard its thandiii there :p)
  • Ipod
  • Oh haan added new songs in it .... check chaka chuk :p
  • Hands free
  • Mobile charged
  • Camera charged
  • memory card emtied
  • Formal shoes and suit .... hm naahh not gonna take that meeting aisey bhi ho hi jaye gi :p
  • deodrant
  • oh yeah one more ipod (what if battery runs out)
hmmmm i guess thats all i hope i don't forget anything ... warna i'll have to come all the way back to get it :p lolz ...

oh haan sun glasses bhi daal lein... can't leave without it ... NAZAR LAG JATI HAI ;) heheh i have got awesome eyes :D ... if any of u girls wanna see it bata dayna ;) i'll be willing to give a private tour to it lolz *today's cheapest joke ever* .... anyways i hope the trip is fun ...


i don't wanna starve on my way lolz !!

yaar pashto ganoun ki cd bhi rakhnay parey gi ... kahin khanoun sey paalaa na par jaye rastey main :p ....

SO PEOPLE CHAOO ... me going to hit the sack ;) !! oh yeah me going to have a shower first ... subah thanddiii ho gii ... don't wanna get more ill ... AND OH YEAH I HAVE 101 fever lolz ... and me gonna drive all the way to isloooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! Am so freaking high ... COFFEEE ROCKS !!!


and me loviiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg thiissss WEATHER>>>> ITS SO DAMN COOLLLLLL !!!

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  1. Hey!
    Oh god i've missed so much.

    Have a nyc tym at 'Isloo'!

    BTW wht is Isloo??

    U don't pack light, lol!


  2. Isloo???
    You are taking unecessary things...HOW MANY IPODS ARE YOU GONNA TAKE??
    i wanna see the eyes. and can that ego get any bigger?
    I cant believe you make your mum do everything! oh actually i can.
    chill on the coffee mate!
    challo, have a good time whatever imaginary place you're going to.

  3. Woah, chill on the coffee dude.
    where is isloo?
    have to agree with mev, i thought you could cook? why maky your mum do it?

  4. Dudes! Isloo is Islamabaaaad! :D
    And have an ace time, Ubee-ji. :)

  5. How much do ipods cost there?
    Send one my way.

    Have a great time at your trip.

  6. Ah have an awesome time on yur trip, and take care of your ipods.and yur self of course. xDD

    get better. =)

    btw i get high off coffee too *rolls eyeballs*. lmao. but i hope you eased off it as you are DRIVING there. :P

  7. lol!
    you were sure on the hiiiigh! :D

    have a great time Ubee! :D


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