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Rape, sometimes called sexual assault, is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or sexual penetration of another person without their consent. Rape is generally considered a serious sex crime as well as a civil assault.

It has types too:
- by sex
- Acquaintance ("date") rape
- Forcible date rape
- Drug facilitated date rape
- Blitz rape
- Spousal rape
- College campus rape
- Group rape
- Rape of children by parents, elder relatives, and other responsible elders
- Statutory rape
- Prison rape
- Third-party rape
- Rape as means of warfare

Rape crisis centers evolved in order to help victims of rape, sexual abuse, and other forms of sexual violence. Also referred to as Sexual Assault Centers, RCCs serve a number of purposes. Depending on the setup of an RCC, the organization will be equipped to see children, adults, or both. Most RCCs run a 24 hour, 7 day a week crisis hotline that individuals can call anonymously and free of charge. The primary goal is victim advocacy. Advocates provide emotional support and information to victims and their families during the hours, days, and weeks following an attack. RCCs also coordinate response from local agencies such as the Police or Sheriff's Department, the District Attorney's office, Child Protective Services, any local schools or hospitals involved in the incident.

So guys and gals this is a serious crime and has a lot of penalty so it would be better that everybody should stay away from it ...

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  1. Yh, a very touchy topic, its pretty upsetting!


  2. Very interesting, ji. May I ask what prompted you to blog about this?

  3. Well, we all know what a horrendous reality rape is, but... what's the solution? Isn't there anyway to STOP it? You can't just say "stay away from it". A raped person doesn't have the free will to "stay away". He/she is being forced.

    haha, and telling a rapist to say away from raping cause it's "bad"... kinda... you know.

    Got any solutions to the epidemics of society?

  4. @z
    i guess people do this rape when they are frustrated or desperate ... but most of them a psyco'z who do that ... so its hard to control that ... but i guess environment should be created in a way that people should realise that its wrong and stuff ... its totally wrong in islam !! We can just educate them ... thats the best thing i know !! NOHING ELSE !!

    totally true ... AND ESPECIALLY THE POINT that guys getting raped ... people just don't belive that this can happen ... but this does happen !! and yeah whenever u start talking on it people just shook u and stop the topic ... PEOPLE NEED TO BE EDUCATED ABOUT IT !!

  5. Read this:



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