9:53:00 PM

Tayein tayein fishh !!

I FLUNKED !!! maqbarah ban gaya !!

Law: 49
Performance management: 46
Audit: 48

50 was the passing marks ....

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  1. Aww, don't worryt about it.

    there is alwayz resits and u were onli a few marks away!

    Just brush ur self of!


  2. heyy...its alright,
    imtihan mein oonch neech hoti hai, ull do better next time na? dont let it get u down..
    we shall all pray for u and dekhna inshAllah ull pass with A's... =)

  3. im with "imtheonlyme" there's always resits and its only a few marks away. im sure you can do much better. dont give up =)
    on a different but related note, shall we go beat up the examiner?!

  4. Dun worry
    exams he tu thye
    dobara ajayeen ge :)
    you know exams are the nightmares who never stop chasing you ;)
    Work bit harder so you can predict your good score next time as you predicted your current result.
    *buck-up pat* & prayers..

  5. Resit & you'll be sure to pass, you were so close, dont let it bring you down =]


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