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Hey angel how are u ?? i hope you are fine .... yaar honestly bataoun !!! missing you !! missing you alot today .... it has been alot of time since we last talked ... aur sab sey pehley aap key kaan pakar ker soyyiiii.... gee gee mujhey yaad hai ... i remember it very well mujhey aap ko daily ki ek mail send kerni hoti hai aur agar daily nahi toh weekly ... yaad hai achi tarah .... per mainey khud aap ko 2 weeks main send nahi kii.... mainey kaha shayad mujhey bhool hi jao aap .... per kya keroun aaj was missing you so i sent u the mail .... so suno updates !!!

hmm... kahan sey shuru keroun buddy ?? i have so much to tell ....

pehley tohhh eeehhhh ek gana lag gaya hai music player per jo i have to definitly sing for u again !!

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh oh please tell me these
Now would you die for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms tonight?

I can be you hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

hayeeeee ZALIM shuffle kya yaad dila diya ... do u remember the day when i sang this for u ... it was like 5 am in the morning !! you were sleepy ... and so was i !! but we were talking .... we didn't want to sleep .... so i sang this ... yaar those were the days .... khair .... back to topic !!

haan toh I HAVE GOT A JOB !!! yaar actually i didn't want to go there ... but still was getting bored so thought why not .... and yaar things are like going so fast !!! i have already got promoted twice !! and now i have been officialy made the manager !!! khair am loving my crew and everything !!! so like u told me boss gee I AM KEEPING MY SELF BUSY !!! i go to work at 9 .... get free by 5 or 6 ... then go for studying then come back home till 10 or so !! then sit on the pc !!! yaar honestly the day passes and i don't even realise .... per NIGHT !! us ka kya keroun !! i can't sleep !! but yeah i am not telling u this ... that its anybody's fault ... like take it this way ... i am so excited to go to work in the morning that anxiety doesn't let me sleep :) ...

Oye mujhey yaad aaya ... mainey finally apni look change ker di ... :p ... as usual obssessed with my self ... yaar afsoos hua apnay lambay baal katwatay huey ... and am missing my beard :( ... per khair aap ney last time kaha tha ... toh socha chalo what the heck lets do it !!! :) !!

anyways u tell !! how are u ?? hows is ama ... agar aap ka dil maana toh tell ama that her son does misses her food ... and even her !! how's kiddo ?? how's her college going ?? tell her to stop using ORKUT !!! its not good .... yaar everything will be fine inshallah i hope that u have already moved on ... infact i know u already have :) !!! and am happy about it !! hey i have heard your papers are starting from 15th ?? yaar khoob mehnat kerna !!! i know u can do it :) !! u have to fulfill my dream ... u have to become a css officer !!!

hmmm... so more update !! yaar mamoo ko dekhnay aaj larki walay aaye !! oh you can't imagine how awkward sitting there is ... i just couldn't stop laugh watching him being polite with those peoples and stuff it was so damn funny :p !!

oh hann kal ek bad scene ho gaya ..... mom dad ka card ka accident ho gaya ... the mirror got into dad's eye... and mom also got injured ... but allah ka karam everything is better now !!!

yaarrrr..... i can't write ... have to say so much ...

oh haan ... kal brat ka koi test hai ... it will be like 2 day test ... doctors will tell it after wards ... thats what her chance ... but yaar we can't find her bone marrow ... she'll again have to go through blood transfusion !!! AND DON'T WORRY !! main bahadur bacha houn !! i'll be okay ... i am strong yaar i'll handle her !! i know you were there to handle me last time ... but this time am very strong ... i'll handle her ... bas agar ho sakey toh pray for me key ALLAH mujhey itni himat dai key main us ko operation theatre tak lay jaoun ... sach bataoun ... doctors ney kaha hai is baar chance bohat kam hai ... she has got really weak ... per ... chalo bas dua kertay hain ... stupid mayray sey 2 din sey lar rahi hai that i should find a girl or something ... maine us ko samjhaya bhi hai key i don't need one ... phir bhi stupid lar rahi hai ... per us ko samjha rahan houn she'll be fine ... per shayad woh bhi janti hai ... yaar her step mom said that this operation should not be done ... its just waste of money ... mujhey itna gusa aaya i felt like killing her... bloody crorepati hai phir bhi ro rahi hai !! khair baba sey baat hui thi he was saying that he has to get her daughter fine ... yaar dua karein ... and don't worry phir sey keh rahan houn ... i'll manage !!! i know i will !!

yaar suno.... aap mayri tension na liya kero ... i know u do ... lemme put all the shity words on one side ... and things which i belive atleast infront of u ... but i know u do take tension coz of me !! i don't want that ... don't make me weak anymore !! I AM STRONG !! AM HAPPY REALLY HAPPY !!! am studying am living my life !! haan yaad aati hai aap ki !! so what !! per i don't cry anymore !! I DON'T EVEN LET MY TEARS MAKE ME WEAK !!! kuch apni language main kahoun ??

We're so close, yet so far.
The distance between us, can't be measure.
Just by thinking of it,
Oh, my heart's breaking.
My legs are trembling.

You used to be there, to hide me in your arms,
With me struggled to stop hiccuping.
You used to be there, patting me on my head.
Kissing my forehead, saying that it'll be fine.

But now i know you are gone...

Why is this happening?

Just when finally,
I found someone so dear,
So precious, my love...
...Why do you have to perish from my sight?

I feel ... i feel like turning away ....
But i guess i can't...
I am destined...
Destined to love you....
YET stand on the other side of the bridge....

But this ... This feeling, this agony, this pain,
Can't stop me, can't stop me from loving you ....
I love you and will always will....
The pain, the agony is just making me strong...

Now am strong ....
Strong enough to face everything...
I know you are gone ... I know you are not with me...
But this can never stop me from loving you !!

Oye kaha naa am fine !! i know i talk giberish !! talk things which don't mean anything !!! YET thats me !! hey yaar khush raha kero ... don't worry about me !! your happiness will always be my happiness .... and YES IT HURTS !!! yes it does ... i daily pray from God to finsih everything ... but i know it can't be done ... so i ask him to finish me .... even try it every day ... but then my mom's face comes infront of me ... so i have started to think other way ... lets see how happy u can ... thats the only satisfaction i am getting !!

bhulaa day yaar mujhey bhula day !! coz there is nothing but pain over here !! YES our memories are so beautiful ... but we should not carry things more which hurt us !!!

khair leaving !!

MY CORNER AWAITS ;) ..... need to sleep ... per .... kuch nahi !!



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  1. =(
    I'll pray for you.
    Tragic, yet lovely post.

  2. I pray for ur brat :) Allah will get her out from the Operation theater all fit n healthy InshAllah :)
    Keep going with ur good busy routine :)


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