To be your savior ...

8:20:00 PM

My only desire was to save you,
To be your one and only savior,
The one who will protect you from you daily pain,
That agony which you wear everyday,

Yet, I am standing on a platform,
Watching you endure all this pain,
But being unable to reach out and grasp you hand,
When I am the one that plagues you,
The one that makes pain a repitition in your days,

With each laughter spat towards you,
Even if you are suffering and aching,
I still continue to laugh,
Until I see that damage I've done,
To the one I hate yet laothe,

The loser who wishes to be an hero,
Cause he doesn't know how,
Yet wears his pain on his sleeve,
To show you his suffering,
Hoping for pity in your eyes,
Or the glimpse of your smile to undo his pain,

Still, he awaits your answer,
That sheer shred of sincerety,
Another chance to be the one,
Your savior, but to do so,
He has to die, before you truly realize,
How much he gave and tried,
Tried to remove and end your pain,
But only driving himself into a grave and nightmare,
Because you still don't realize,
How much he gives and tries,
To be your guardian angel

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  1. Where there is love, there is pain! Without pain there's no love!

  2. Love is such a thing that you want to take pain away from them and put it into yourself. But what should you do when you dont know whether the guy you love, loves you back? even if you have suspicions that he does? eh? try to make a good poem bout that one!

  3. ya agree with sira theres no love without pain..

    but i was wondering why did u want to see pity in her eyes for you..

  4. @ugly

    fankk u :) ...

    nahi yaar i said it again ... i don't wanna sell my emotions !!

    and waisey bhi am a pathetic writer

    no doubt pain makes the love sweeter ...

    ahan so u have lots of edu about love ;) ...

    and i have made so many poems on this ... will upload some day !!

    yes i did ... thanks alot ...

    i don't know ... i just wanted to see it ... maybe ... naaahh ... i have my reasons but not to be mentioned onezz !!

  5. haey.
    kitnay emo ho ubee.

    whats all this wanting to be superman and bachao-fying the world? edhi ke rishtidar ho :P?

    poem was.

  6. This is amazing, like you said- you're definitely improving on your writings and skills in photo manipulation.
    Love how the sadness seeps in as you go towards the end of the poem.
    Stay strong, things can only improve.


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