Can i be an angel ?

9:02:00 PM

Can I be an angel?

And bring joy to one's heart.
Delight one's soul.
Wipe one's tears.
Carry one while flying around,
And flap my wings up sky high.

Can I be an angel?

I want to fly.
I want to have wings and cover myself when I need it.

So I don't need your arms to cover my tears.
So I can be fine, without you being around.
So I can be fine, alone on my own again.
So you will be fine, without me bugging you.

"Angels don't lie."

True, that there's no denying,
But I can't help,
Seeing you suffering,
As me, bothering.

You're the angel,
The kindest angel.

But you can leave me alone, now,
Because I'll try to be strong, no cry.

So can I be your angel, now?

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  1. i blv angels and demons are always emain in onc's self
    it depends upon us to whomw we wantto project more

  2. i can see something come from the heart... lovely!

  3. wanna ride in two boats at a time
    niyaaa doob jaye ge larke :P


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