Closing Blog

7:39:00 AM


Ok people am closing this blog down .....

naaahhhh am mad but not that mad :p ... am not cloing it in literal sense !! i am just making my blog private for public !!

so the people who want to read it pls post your email address so i can add u in the list ....

And oh yeah comment moderation is On for just temporary basis so interested people can post their email addresses !!

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  1. Can I pretty please be invited t read the private blog? Pleeeease? I think you know my email address...if you happen to have lost/forgotten it, I'll write another comment with it in.

    Thank you!

  2. Dude.
    *still in state of shock*
    [snaps out of it]
    please add me, you know my addy right? Right?
    If not let me know.

  3. @ash

    will add u don't worry

    got ur id... don't worry u'll be added too :D !!

    hehe mujhey pata tha tum kuch aisa hi kaho gi :p

    lolz ... i love ur way of saying it ...

    yes u are there and hmmm oh yeah i remember ur id don't worry


    it was suppose to be shocking ;) !!

    yeah i have ur id i guess !! hmmm yes yeshh i have it !!

  4. @ugly
    bro i don't have ur email id ... pls give it to me ...

    yeah yeah ... u can dance around ;) ...


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